NCND, Nuptial Chamber

NCND – Ch 48.1

25 comments in the last post. Wow! I am so inspired .. hence the next chapter. This one is so sweet and sad at the same time.. Chapter 48 - No love   “Marry me.” Ye Zhengchen said these words to me even before I had time to take off the engagement ring. I thought… Continue reading NCND – Ch 48.1

NCND, Nuptial Chamber

NCND – Ch 46.3 and Ch 47

The door closed, and the sight of his slightly trembling back disappeared. I placed my cold palms over my cheek, aiming to relieve the pain. What would I do now? How would I do it? How would I face my parents? How would I explain what happened? My dad was already unwell, would this drive… Continue reading NCND – Ch 46.3 and Ch 47