Side story 1


When Ye Zhengchen was in the PLA hospital, I finally understood why he was so reluctant to be transferred here. No wonder Dr Lin had used this  threat to make him behave.

Since the time he came, he was never alone. His mother stayed with him all day long and his food and other comforts were taken care of.

Even at night, the doctors came to check on him several times

What was even more depressing was that there were two guards who were guarding him in twelve hour shifts day and night.

I was the most redundant person in all of this. I had nothing to do except sit on the sofa all day, listening to him chat with the various visitors.

Ye Zhengchen was a senior ranked military official. Since he was now in a military hospital, he had to follow the various protocols including the ones concerning his safety.


But I soon found out that there were advantages of Ye Zhengchen being here. The advantages were enough to throw me out of state of inertia and into a state of high energy.


One day, I was sitting around chatting with him. His mother had not come in yet. Ye Zhengchen suddenly looked at the door and smiled.

“What brings you here?”

“ There was a project meeting yesterday. I heard someone say that you were in this hospital…”

He had a nice voice. I looked back. An elegant, handsome man walked in with two boxes of abalone and sea cucumbers.

I had seen a lot of handsome guys, but never one quite as elegant and charming as this one

The strange thing was that I had a feeling I had seen him before. But I could quite confidently say that if I had ever met a person like this, I would never have forgotten him!

“ How did you get hurt?” the man asked.

“ Just a little accident nothing serious.” Ye Zhengchen vaguely answered, then asked “ What happened with your project ? Was it accepted?”


“ Yup. It went through.”

During the conversation, the man looked at me for a few seconds.


“ This is Bo Bing”, Ye Zhengchen introduced me.

“ Oh?” the man calmly extended his hand and smiled. “ I have often heard about you from Ling Ling. She always said you were a very nice person.”

Ling Ling? It was then that I remembered that I had seen a photo of this man with Ling Ling on the net


“ Girl”, Ye Zhengchen said to me, “ This is Bai Lingling’s husband , Yang Haohang.”


I had heard that Ling Ling had married a university professor in the last few years. I thought all university professors wore thick glasses and looked terribly intelligent.  In a way, I was sorry that Ling Ling was married to one. But this… this guy was amazing!

“How is Ling ling?”

As soon as her name was mentioned, his eyes turned soft, “ She’s good. Just a bit busy now.”

“ What is keeping her busy? Has she got her doctorate degree?’

“ Soon.”


I wanted to chat a little longer with this man, but someone did not want to give me a chance. He asked me to get some tea for him. He also specified what type of tea he wanted – jasmine.

I ran to buy the tea  and brewed it. The two people continued talking for a long time.

“ Oh! Ye Zhengchen suddenly exclaimed.

“ Do you have any expertise on missile warheads?”


“Warhead?” Yang Haohang thought about it. “ I suppose you would need materials which are resistant to high temperatures and are extremely tensile?”

“ Yes. We are working on something. The 3606 factory is making it, but the test results are not very satisfactory. The range is not very satisfactory. Would you have a solution?”


“ I need to look at what they are doing. Are you the one who is heading the project?”

“ No, we had a military exercise recently and we were anxious to try out the new warheads. Our leaders have tasked me to find a solution.”

“ When do you intend to launch this?”


“ At the end of next month.”


“ I am a bit busy. I need to go to the US to attend a conference in a few days”, Yang Haohang hesitated. “Let me discuss with President Zhou and see how we can help you.”


“ That’s great, thank you!”


“I’ll make a call now.”


When Yang Haohang went out to make the call, I couldn’t help but glance at his retreating back. “ We never had such a handsome professor!”, I sighed.


“ Don’t look at him like that. He is already married.” The thick taste of jealousy was something his nonchalant tone could not cover up.

“ You know I have always been interested in married men.”

“ That’s why I am warning you. Before you get too deep into your admiration for him…”

“Oh, really! Why didn’t you give me this kindly warning three years ago?”


He gave me an angry look. I wanted to continue reasoning with him but Yang Haohang came back and said that he had been able to arrange someone to look at the matter. He also gave Ye Zhengchen his phone number.


After some time, he left. Before leaving, he handed me a diamond level VIP card for a shopping mall. When shopping for my wedding, he said I could use it to get a 50% discount on all items with no upper limit.

After Yang Haohang left, I asked Ye Zengchen,” Is this mall going bankrupt?”

“ The shopping mall is basically their family business. They have all kinds of high end brands like LV and Dior.”


How valuable was this gift that allowed me to get a 50% discount on brands like LV and Dior? “ Isn’t this too expensive? Should I return this to him?”

Ye Zhengchen was speechless. “No no, they are all friends. This is nothing!”

I looked at the glittering card in my hand, “You don’t have too many friends like this. Do you ?”


“ Quite a few.”


Later I discovered that his friends were pretty awesome people.


On the same afternoon, another handsome guy turned up. Even before he entered the room, Ye Zhengchen reached out and threw a freshly washed apple at him, “ You finally turn up?”

The guy caught the apple and took a bite.

“ My brother was on a business trip for a few days.  I heard you were escorted back to Beijing by your father and immediately came back to see if you have been tortured.”


He looked at me and smirked, an expression that made him look very similar to ye Zhengchen.” It seems that you have an attractive companion, so you must not have been too miserable.”


“ Why would I not be miserable? This is worse than going to jail.” Ye Zhenghen signalled towards the guard at the door, lowered his voice and said, “ Now that I think about it, find out a way to get me out.”

“ I can’t do anything about this. Your father has made all the arrangements. Unless you are completely healed, you won’t be released from the hospital.”


Ye Zhengchen let out an angry sigh and lay back on the bed.

The handsome guy ignored him and walked over to me, “Hello, my name is Zheng Wei, and you are..?”


When I heard his name, I suddenly recalled Zhong Tian’s last conversation with me. He had told me that Ye Zhengchen had a friend called Zheng Wei. He was the person leading the investigation on the corruption case.

Before I could respond, Ye Zhengchen pulled my hand. “ Just stay away from him. He has everything except a steady character.”

This was the first time I had heard someone praise their friends in this manner


Zheng Wei smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

“ Don’t believe him. He has everything except a conscience.”


I was now sure they were definitely friends. The best of friends!


Zheng Wei stayed till dusk. When he was leaving, he pointed at the supplements he had brought. “Looking at your mental state, you don’t really need these. I will take a few back for my old man.”

“Take whatever you like.”

Zheng Wei took a lot of the boxes and handed it to the guard at the door, “Could you come with me?”

The guard hesitated and looked at Ye Zhengchen


“ Just come back soon”, Ye Zhengchen said in a commanding tone.

“ Yes!”

The guard saluted him and went with Zheng Wei.

Zheng Wei smiled and waved at Ye Zengchen, “ No thanks necessary!”


“ After I am discharged from the hospital, I’ll take you out for a drink.”

Zheng Wei then turned and locked the door.


For one whole week, we had not had any chance to even touch. Ye Zhengchen, the beast, immediately scrambled over and hugged me tightly

“ What’s the rush?”

“ The nurse will come to give me an injection in twenty minutes.”

“ What if someone comes to visit you ?”

“ Who will come so late in the day?”

It seemed the best time to commit the crime.

With a sense of urgency, I reached under his hospital robe and caressed the bare skin near his waist. He caught my hand, pressed it on the bed and started kissing my wildly. I didn’t even get the chance to catch my breath.


When we were entangled like this, kissing each other, I suddenly saw Ye Zhengchen pause a bit. His eyes moved to the glass window in the door.


I looked there and found a woman standing there. She looked like a beautiful sculpture from ancient times. Yu Yin, no matter what the circumstances, always looked so noble and reserved whenever I saw her

miumiu – The author has basically brought in some other characters from her other novels. Zheng Wei is a Public Prosecutor who falls in love with an actress in his younger days. The actress ditches him , citing career reasons.. But they have a happy ending

Bai Ling Ling and Yang Haohang’s story is rather cute. She pretends to fall in love with her professor Yang Haohang to get out of a difficulty but the professor very cleverly takes her at face value. They start dating but soon she severs the relationship and goes off to Japan to study

Side story 2

33 thoughts on “NCND – Side Story 1

  1. Hi Miumiu. Was the 11/09 update the ending? Most likely, we’re missing the part 2 of it since it was part 1. Also, the ss1 and the Side Story 1 of 11/10 are the same. I thought I would just point this out. Anyway, thank you so much for the updates. Love your translations.

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  2. So sad…I know this story will end soon but I am really greatful to you MiuMiu for choosing this novel..this is really a great novel!

    Thanks for the update!

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  3. YZ’s jealousy is on point. :))
    BB drooling over handsome guys is pretty funny.

    Thank you MiuMiu. Just caught up with the last few chapters. It was a lovely read.

    I’m going to miss this couple.

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  4. So we end with Yu Yin, the steadfast peeping Thomasina This time she arrives just as the candy was being shared. Won’t she move away? Or marry some debauched scientist who is always 20 thousand steps ahead of her wickedness?

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  5. Thank you for bringing this novel to my screen. I could depend on your skillful presentation of the essence of the characters .Whether they were weaving their webs of deceit or hotbeds of licentious dining, “You” filled the void so amply. I never left the table hungry. Well almost never! There was never enough libidinous activity to quench my thirst when it came to Bo Bing and Ye Zhengchen.
    I salute to you as my father would have said, ” ‘Hot Damn’ the girl is on it” Thank you for this translation


      1. Miumiu, really appreciate ya for taking out the time to translate this novel.
        Can I ask a question? Are you going to post SS 2 or is this it or did I miss something? I literally read this in 1 sitting today lol
        Again, really appreciate your time and dedication!

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      1. Miumiu569, how about you take on this project???! =) I bet there’s a lot of us that would appreciate and love you for the translation! (I put myself in this category)

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  6. Miumiu, thanks for the fast reply!!

    Ohh I see, was freaking out because this was marked as completely translated on NU and when it caught me off guard when I didn’t see the last park. But I appreciate it. And Take your time.

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  7. What a nice Story :3
    Thank you for your Time and effort to translate it!! Really grate i read it!!
    What Are the 2 other Storys called..?? I Really Hope u or someone can translate it! I‘m litterary burning to read them 😍😍
    Thanks again

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  8. For someone who doesn’t know Mandarin and translating thru MTL you are quite good. The first few chapters seems so so but I get it why you are so into this story compare to the others. I so much appreciate your translation and I want to thank u for taking your time to share this novel with us (non-chinese here🙂). Wishing u all the best on your other translation project and also on your RL.

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    1. will give you the Rae’s link. Just search with nuptial chamber and that will have a link to the other stories by the same author. But MTL. No translations available yet. I personally like the story of the mute girl more. Hope this helps


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