Chapter 1

He strode over the sidewalk. The scorching summer sun was so hot that it almost melted people. In less than ten minutes, his white shirt was plastered to his perspiring back, revealing a sleek, lean body

With wide shoulders and long legs, his physique was comparable to male models but is five hundred times more masculine than any makeup wearing male model. In fact there was no trace of any kind of artificial enhancements on his body. His five features were rough. His eyebrows were strong, his skin was lightly tanned and the stubble on his face made him look like he hadn’t shaved for three days when in fact he had shaved just this morning. If someone suddenly looked at him, that person was likely to get scared.

“ Security detail?” When she had first met him, Song Yu Shan did not even know what the meaning of the word was. Then she asked directly, “ Why does he look so fierce? Is he really a personal security officer?”

The person who was the subject of the conversation found her questions ridiculous and stupid. From that moment onwards, he had concluded she was just a dumb bimbo who was only worried about the latest fashion on shoes, purses and clothes

This had happened more than a month ago. And in that one month, Xiang Yu had seen no reason to change his opinion about her.

As soon as he had finished his mandatory military service , he was immediately offered a position in the security company that his father’s old friend ran. Xiang Yu did not say much. He didn’t even ask what his salary would be. He just agreed. After all this friendship between the two men was not a day or two old. As far ago as he could remember, the two men had been extremely close. Thus uncle did not have any sons and treated Xiang Yu like his own son

He had majored in Software Engineering and it was quite obvious that he would get many jobs in the Science parks and high tech companies. As a system engineer in a security company, though he wasn’t treated badly, he was clearly overqualified.

But there was one more deciding factor apart from his dad’s old friendship which made him take up  this job.

That was… the uncle’s daughter Shui Xin was also in the company. She was working as the secretary in the finance department.

Whenever he thought of Shui Xin, his irritation , as if heated by the overhead sun, rose in his body. And of course there was the annoying Song Yu Shan.

How does one describe Song Yu Shan?

Could you simply call her a ‘spoilt rich girl’ or should you also list all her faults – such as arrogance, capriciousness, petulance, no brain, no common sense, wasteful..

Yes , wasteful, this was a very important thing to point out.

His footsteps quickened as he clutched the stack of papers in his hand.

As he walked down the bustling East street, passing the pedestrians, he came to the door of a boutique. The shop was small but well decorated. He opened the door and strode in. As expected, Song Yu Shan was inside. She was wearing something very wired. Her normal dress sense was something he never appreciated, but today her dress was even more outre.

On her upper body, she was only wearing something that looked like a pink and lace bra, revealing a beautiful and attractive midriff. On her lower body, she was wearing a thick plaid skirt in green with a huge silver pin dangling near her thigh.

On her feet, she wore a pair of golden heels nearly three and a half feet high, The heels were as thin as chopsticks and could be used as a hidden weapon. He couldn’t help lift an eyebrow in question at her attire. It seemed that Song Yu Shan’s aesthetic sense had really been distorted.

“ Does it look nice?” When she looked up and saw Xiang Yu , she ran towards him with the speed of a locomotive train. For the first time, he felt a bit of respect for her when he saw her running at such speed with these heels.

“ You..” , he stroked his chin and contemplated for a few seconds, “ Did you get a heatstroke?”

“No!” Song Yu Shan responded cheerfully, “ You help me select something. This is part of the new collection, everything is beautiful, I like it!”

He couldn’t understand why she was so excited. He replied succinctly, “ It’s not nice.”

“Huh?” Song Yu Shan was stunned, Her long eyelashes fanned out as her gaze dropped, and the sweet face showed a confused look. “ Really? Which one isn’t nice?”

“ It just doesn’t look good.”

“ How is that possible? This dress was made in Scotland, and by the royal clothing store and designer…”

“ It’s not nice”. He didn’t let her finish. His eagle eyes looked around the store. “ Where is Miss Liu?”

Miss Liu was the owner of the boutique, Usually, she personally greeted her big customers , but today she was nowhere to be found.

“ She went inside to find me some more colors. I think this dress fits well, and I want to buy one in every available color.”

Saying this, Song Yu Shan wrapped her arms around the pink fabric on her chest, “ Tell me , am I not looking good?”

Her skin was as smooth as milk, and she was as tender as water. The curves of her body were enhanced with the simple tailoring. Covering only half of her breast, her cleave was looming, and would make any man’s mouth water and eyes bulge.

The thick eyebrows scrunched, “ No, please change. Please call Miss Liu, I want to speak to her.”

Song Yu Shan did not care about Miss Liu and ignored his serious tone. “ What is wrong? Is it the style is unsuitable or the color?”

“ It’s not nice”. Especially the fact that the fabric was too little. His face turned even colder, “ Can you go and change?”

“ I’m not” Song Yu Shan stood straight and with her hands on her hips, she insisted on getting her answer, “ You have to give me the reason. If you don’t , I won’t change.”

Her posture made her waist look thinner and her breasts more prominent. If it were any other man in front of her he would have gasped and his tongue would be lolling to the floor., But Xiang Yu was not most men.

He was sly, and a most unfeeling demon.

His long arm reached out and pulled out a tapestry displayed on the side. Then , like a gauze, he used the tapestry to wrap the whole person!

“ What are you doing!” Song Yu Shan shouted, “ hey, you are crazy!”

She could not move. He dragged her and walked back towards the dressing room. Then he unceremoniously pushed her in the room and banged the door shut.


“ When you are decent, come out”. He uttered these few words coldly , turned and left.

“ What happened?” Miss Liu hurriedly appeared in the hallway and almost banged into a person standing there, When he reached out to hold her steady, she looked up and recognized him, “Oh! It’s you!”

The last few words were said in an icy tone.

She was a smart business woman, and wasted no charm on those who were not important.

This person, though handsome and tall, was at best a driver and a general dogsbody with no actual spending power or potential.

She would only concentrate her firing power in serving Ms Song Yu Shan and ensure that the banknotes flowed. As for the others, she didn’t care.

Xiang Yu had already seen the cold face of the shop owner. He didnt care, he had more important things on his mind at the moment.

“ Miss Liu”. As usual his tone was icy. He usually avoided talking to her but this time he stopped her. “ I wanted to ask you something.”

Miss Liu raised her thin eyebrows and looked at him in surprise, “ What?”

“ I want to ask you, these bills.. What exactly is happening here ?” The monthly statement and the bills were handed to her. The first item was the store, and it was highlighted in fluorescent ink.

Miss Liu looked at it, “ Yes, what’s the problem?”

Her tone was contemptuous and the expression on her face was quite impatient. Looking at her, he just smiled coldly. But the smile did not reach his eyes.

“ I want to confirm. Last month, Ms Song bought a pair of jeans for 16,000, a pair of sandals for 9000 Yuan and a leather bag of 48,000 Yuan. Is that correct?”

“ So?”Miss Liu asked impatiently, “ Is there something wrong?”

“I am not sure, An 18 year old girl spends so much money in one afternoon…”

“ Who do you think you are? Why are you meddling in this ? Her dad has the money, why should you care how she spends it?” Miss Liu did not allow Xiang Yu to finish before she rushed to interrupt him.

He simply looked at Miss Liu, his eyes as cold as a metal sword. “ I remember that I had already instructed you last month. When she doesn’t have cash or a credit card, please don’t allow her credit. Why is there another bill this month?”

“ Strange. We do business here for the convenience of our customers. Is’nt that normal? She likes the things in our store, she is a regular customer. It’s not the first time that she has taken goods on credit…”

“ Yes. It’s not the first time”, he shot back, “ You have been asking her to buy things, telling her that it’s fine even if she has no cash or card, and then charge her outrageous fees and interest.. Miss Liu, is this the way you treat your customers?”

Miss Liu was so livid her face flushed. But she still repeated, “ We do whatever is convenient for the guest. And we have to charge a convenience fee, what is wrong with that? I have been doing business for so many years, now I have to learn how to run a business from you? Learn how to treat my customers?”

“ I am not trying to teach you. I am just requesting that please do not allow Miss Song any goods on credit. Otherwise , next time, you will not recieve any money. Please don’t tell me you have not been warned..”

“ You…”

Song Yu Shan had already changed her clothes. She came out and asked in confusion, “ What are you guys talking about? “

Although she spent a lot of money buying expensive clothes, she most often chose a T shirt and skinny jeans when going out. This was a mystery to him. If she spent so much on clothes, why not wear them?

However, Miss Song’s mind was not something ordinary people would understand. He wasn’t really interested in learning how it worked.

If it wasn’t his ‘employer’ ie Song Yu Shan’s father who had ordered him to pay attention to her expenses, how she wasted his money was none of his business.

“ Ask your bodyguard!” Miss Liu said sarcastically. Her voice was sharp,” He even has to note the shoes and clothes you bought. I don’t think he is just a bodyguard, your dad sent a dog to guard the gate!”

Hearing this , even before Xiang Yu could react,  Song Yu Shan started screaming. “ How can you call him this!” She threw down all the clothes she was carrying in her hand. With a flushed face she shouted again. “ You are too much! I will never come here again!”

He walked towards her and pulled her, “ Don’t make trouble. Let’s go.”

“But she called you..”

“ My job is to guard you. She didn’t say anything wrong.”

Xiang Yu easily dragged her out of the store. But she was not mollified.

“ If you are a dog guarding the gate, doesn’t that make me the gate?” It turned out this was what made the little girl angry.



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  1. …. She’s lonely so she’s acting up to get attention but that just makes her look bad in other people’s eyes because they cldont care enough to see her loneliness. I feel bad, because she seems like a very cute and intelligent girl with a lot of potential. Although a little thank, considering she’s already 18
    Many thanks

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