LYITD – Ch 2.1

Chapter 2

How are you doing?”  the woman’s voice had a hint of both teasing and curiosity, “ how many times in this week have you wanted to murder that little imp?”

He snorted and looked down at the menu, but provided no answer

“ I have professional ethics and will not criticise my customers” , he responded instead. The woman in front of him continued smiling as she was quite accustomed to his cold answers. “ Even if that little imp is annoying, you can’t deny that the work is not too bad.”

“ What’s good about it?” he finally looked up at her.

“Your salary has doubled, you no longer have to punch in your time when you go to work. You have a luxury car at your disposal…”

“ I just got called a dog guarding the gate today” he interrupted her

Sitting opposite him, Yan Shui Xin, with her straight black hair draped over one shoulder and a porcelain face with apricot shaped eyes and a smile on her face, looked like a college student. But her eyebrows were raised in a way that showed she was enjoying needling him.

“Wow, who is this courageous person who called you a dog? Song Yu Shan?”  Yan Shui Xin raised an eyebrow and looked at the serious young man sitting in front of her. “ It doesn’t matter even if she did. I’m sure she meant a fierce large dog like a K9, not a poodle or something…”

“ Shui Xin”, Xiang Yu interrupted her again, “ You don’t have to make fun of me like this. It wasn’t her.”

Although she was arrogant, wasteful and had no common sense, Xiang Yu admitted to himself that she wasn’t someone who would intentionally hurt or mock a person.

“ Oh! Then who was it?”

Shaking his head, Xiang Yu was unwilling to say anything more. “ It’s not something we should talk about, it’s not important. Do you want to order food? What do you want?”

They usually dated on weekend nights. But recently, because of Song Yu Shan and the extra work that Xiang Yu was doing, they had fewer chances to meet.

He had actually consulted Shui Xin before he picked up this work. Although she wasn’t happy about it, since it was her father who had asked for the extra help, she could not ask him to turn it down. Otherwise, who in their right mind would generously allow their boyfriend to be the bodyguard of a pretty young thing like her? And the pretty young thing in this case unabashedly expressed her admiration for her boyfriend.

Taking all this into consideration, one could really nor blame Shui Shui for occasionally taunting and expressing dissatisfaction.

“ Are you free tomorrow?”After they finished the meal, Shui Xin asked leisurely as she sipped an espresso, “Are you still on stand by for twenty four hours? Waiting to jump into action whenever that little imp calls you?”

Xiang Yu frowned this time instead of bearing her taunts with the placid attitude he had displayed earlier.

“ Shui Xin, if you are so unhappy with my work, you should have made it clear right at the beginning. Otherwise, don’t talk to me with this tone of voice.”

“ What could I do?” Shui Xin smiled gradually but there was a stubborn expression on her face, “ It was my Dad who requested you. Mr Song is my dad’s boss… how could I say no?”

The security company was part of the Yan consortium and the consortium was built by Ms Song’s grandfather. Even her father held a key position in the consortium. So , there was no way that he could turn down the request from the Songs. A few months ago, there were some threats and attempted kidnappings against various members of the Song family. The Chairman of the Yan consortium had therefore ordered the company to provide security to all family members. Song Yu Shan, who had returned to Taiwan for her summer holidays, was no exception. That was why Xiang Yu had been roped in

“ Since you know that this work was not something that could be turned down, you need not taunt me like this.” He raised his thick eyebrows and looked at Shui Xin

“ What right do I have to taunt you?” Although Shui Xin said this, her dissatisfaction was quite evident on her face, “ In this world where money rules, we cannot criticise the rich or determine what is reasonable. Even of she calls you at the middle of the night, you will obediently take the call, wont you?”

Xiang Yu knew what had irritated her. Last week, Song Yu Shan was swayed by a friend to sneak out to a night club. During a 2am routine night inspection, her absence was noted and an alarm was raised. He had had to rush to the police station. At that time, she had been very angry at Song Yu Shan. Yan Shui Xin had a woman’s instinct, and she knew that although Song Yu Shan was very young, her large amber eyes were sending a message to her boyfriend…

Things were not all as simple as they looked.

“ Do you want to waste our time together quarrelling?” Shaking his head, Xiang Yu continued, “ I jave already explained that it was a one off event and will not happen in the future..”

Just as he was finishing his sentence, he stopped and then fished out his ultra thin mobile phone from his trouser pocket. It was vibrating. Shui Xin pursed her lips and then gave him a look of ‘I told you so’

“Hello” , he avoided her eyes and connected the call. He listened quietly for a few seconds.  “ When did this happen?” then he listened quietly for a few minutes again. Then he quickly glanced at Shui xin and said,” I am on my way now.”

The smile on Shui xin’s face froze. She stood up and started walking away. She didn’t even bother to listen to any explanation. Who else could it be? It was that little, sly imp who was crying about some trivial things – probably to help her kill a spider of repair some bulb that had fizzed out. Who the hell did he think she was ? A princess? Shui Xin had seriously had enough of her.

“Shui xin!” he quickly paid the bill and chased after her, He was tall and was able to catch up with her in a few long strides. “ I have to go to Yangmingshan. Yu Shan said..”

“ I don’t want to hear about her!” Yan Shui Xin widened her eyes and tried to shrug off his hand. Her phoenix eyes shone with anger. “I am fed up ! I am fed up with her and you! Just for the sake of money, is it necessary to sell yourself? Just because you were called a watch dog, did that make you angry? And now that you run after a 17 year old imp just because she wants something trivial – should I turn to ashes with anger?”

“ This is my job” he calmly answered her, his tone flat .

“ You can say whatever you want”, Yan Shui Xin was obviously not listening to him,” This kind of work which tramples on your self-esteem, may be you can stand it, but I can’t!”

Her high heeld shoes clicked on the red brick pathway as she rapidly walked away, soon merging with the crowds out to enjoy themselves on a eekend evening

“Damn!” he cursed in a low voice.

For a moment, he stood next to the car, undecided about his next course of action. But then he remembered Song Yu Shan’s trembling voice on the phone. She seemed to be crying a bit.. but she had narrated everything in a calm tone. He took a deep breath. Work was work. He always knew that Shui Xin had a bit of a temper. He decided to let her go for the time being. He turned towards the crowd and then took a taxi at the intersection to take him to the mansion in the mountains

At night, the road to the mountains was so silent one could hear the monotonous chirp of multiple insects. The sound of a car engine cut through the silence. He paid the fare, then opened the gate. Song Yu Shan had already opened the thick wooden carved road and was standing by it. Her delicate figure looked so lonely.

“ What are you doing!” he rushed into the house and accused her.

Song Yu Shan ran over to him and grabbed his strong arm, holding on to it tightly. She looked like a little lost child ho had finally found her mother. When she looked up, her face was pale like a ghost. Her eyes were wide and panic stricken.

“ Who else is here besides you? Did you hear the alarm go off to indicate someone was trespassing?” He quickly controlled himself and started questioning her calmly. For the time being, he decided to ignore the little hand that was desperately hanging on to is arm, so tightly, that her nails bit into his muscles.

She looked really scared. Her usual tantrums and antics were all gone, Song Yu Shan, at this moment was just a frightened, flustered girl.

“ I.. I don’t really know. I was just hungry… so I went downstairs. That’s when I saw it…”

She spoke for a long time, then stuttered, her whole body shivering. He walked with her across the wide courtyard adored with flowers and trees. Her eyebrows were tightly locked as she looked fearfully at her surroundings.

The yard was too dark and too big. Although the flowering shrubs and trees created a beautiful landscape, they also provided many places to hide. It was possible to hide here. If someone really wanted to harm the family, they could probably use this place successfully. As the alarm had been activated, it was necessary to enter a password while entering through the door. Otherwise the alarm would ring and a security detail would be dispatched immediately. But the little girl was all alone in this huge mansion… no wonder she was scared.

And then there was that.. what she had described on the phone…

“ You said someone left a message on the answering machine?” They walked into the living room and put on all the lights to drive away the shadows. Then he placed a hand on her shoulder, calming her down. “ Do you still have the message?”

Song Yu Shan nodded and pointed towards the phone. “ Over there”. He pushed her to sit down on the sofa and walked over to the answering machine

“ Mr Song, we told you last time. Either give us the money, quickly….or else… You have your whole life to  play, but your daughter may not. That young, small, delicate daughter, so beautiful….”

This was followed with a set of crude words describing exactly what they planned to do with the daughter. Even a full grown man could not help but frown, no wonder the delicate, sheltered little Song Yu Shan had reacted so strongly. She was curled up on the sofa, clutching a brocade pillow in her arms. She trembled violently as she listened to the message.

After he heard the message, he picked up the phone and contacted the security company. He briefly explained what had happened and replayed the recording to them. Then he carefully checked the first floor, covering all the rooms. In the dining room ,he saw the scene Song Yu Shan had described on the phone. A sharp steak knife had been stabbed in a piece of bloody raw beef, a bloody note next to it. On the note, the security code to deactivate the alarm had been written down. The message was clear – this person knew how to enter the family home and the alarm system was of no use.

He cursed in his heart.

“ When you cam back, did you see something out of the place?” He went back to the living room and asked the little girl who was still shaking so much her teeth were chattering, “ who opened the door ? Was it your mother? Or Mrs Wu?”

“Mom went to France, France and Mrs Wu is on vacation since yesterday.”

“ Mrs Wu is on vacation ? Why didn’t you tell me before” he thought back to a few hours ago when he had ordered her to get out of the car. Guilt overcame his heart.

If he had spared the time to come in with her, if he had made sure everything was ok before he left, if he had not been so eager to get rid of her, she would not have to face this all alone.

“ Because you were going to meet Shui Xin.. date.. she was upset last time because of my antics. She was very unhappy…”

This time, he could no longer hold it in and a curse exploded from his mouth. Song Yu Shan was shocked. Her big eyes widened further and suspiciously watered.

“Dont cry!” he shouted at her, “ You need not worry about others, think about yourself first! My job is to keep you safe, You need to cooperate with me a 100%. Do you understand?”

Song Yu Shan nodded, rubbing her eyes and trying her utmost to hold in the tears that were threatening to slide down her face.

“ I am going to inform the people in he company to come over and call the police. Don’t move from here. I am going to go and check upstairs. I will also pack a few clothes . You cant stay here tonight.”

With this, he went upstairs. He had a tall and straight bearing, his movements were very agile and he did not look nervous at all. Although he treated her coldly, he was still very calm and dependable. Song Yu Shan felt like she had received a tranquilizer shot the moment he appeared. Her nerves which were shot to the point of collapsing had steadied. She knew he would protect her. No matter what he thought of her or how he frowned at her, she knew that as long as there was danger, he would protect her.

There was no one else like him. Just him…

Miumiu – for an 18 year ld, she does seem a bit immature. Perhaps because she led a sheltered life? You can see that she has developed feelings for this man, the only one she trusts to protect her, no matter how much he may be annoyed with her.. tell me what you think. I’ll wait for 15 comments to release the next chapter


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