The people from the security company and the police arrived at the same time. The investigation continued until the early hours. Yan yonggun and Xiang Yu walked out of the Song house together. One was old and one was smoking silently. Both looked worried

“You first take Missy and leave”, Yong gun said, “ take her to the First Lutheran Star for a few days. They had round the clock security there. It’s better than living in the big house alone.”

Xiang Yu could hold back no longer, “ In such a situation, Mr and Mrs Song are both uncontactable… what if something happened to their daughter? What would I do?”

There was unhappiness and accusation in his tone. What he was trying to say was quite obvious. Yan Yonggun looked at him. He knew Xiang Yu since when he was very young. He had seen him grow up and had looked forward to welcoming him as his son in law. He could not deny that. He admired his calm demeanour and his control over his emotions, something he had exhibited since he was a child. Because of all this, he was really surprised at his sudden anger.

“Mr Song is in conference in Tokyo. I just got a call from him. Mrs Song went to Paris…”

Was a conference or a buying spree more important than the safety of their daughter? The more he listened to him, the more angry he felt. He raised his eyes, like a sharp eyed eagle trying to find his target in the night sky. Song Yu Shan was obediently sitting in the car parked a bit further away. She had curled herself in a ball, and was fast asleep, leaning against the window. She looked so defenceless and sweet.

At the age of eighteen, maybe she had more than others, but she also had to bear a lot more trouble than the average person.

“Just be a bit more careful when going out in the next few days. If the news leaks to the media, they will also start chasing after her. Just be more aware. As far as the company is concerned, you don’t need to come in. The system engineer can handle all the minor stuff.” Yan Yonggun smiled, “Your current priority is the safety of Missy. The rest can be ignored for now.”

Xiang Yu nodded. In the middle of the night, under the street lights, his expression was grim.

“ About Shui Xin…I’ll help you to calm her down”. Misunderstanding the reason for his grim face, Yan Yong gun patted his shoulder. “ My daughter is a bit spoiled since childhood. Sometimes she really flies off the handle. Is she giving you a hard time these days?”

At this moment, when he thought of Shui Xin, her sharp words and her anger, he didn’t know why but he felt like these things had happened a long time ago. It was actually only a few hours, but the sting of her words had neutralised.

“ Oh..” he coughed

“ It doesn’t matter. I understand.” Yan Yong gun was very familiar with his daughter’s personality and she ad just made an angry call to him. “ I know it’s been hard on you.”

The sound of the door opening, when Xiang Yu tried to get in, alarmed Song Yu Shan. She immediately sat up. Her face was pale , her eyes widened in panic and her whole body trembled in fear

“ It’s ok. It’s just me”, he said. His calm voice soothed her. “Relax, you can go back to sleep.”

Song Yu Shan watched him as he started the car, “Where are we going?”

“ I am going to take you to somewhere in the city for the next few days. There will be round the clock protection for you there.”

She nodded silently, then folded her arms and curled her body in the seat.

“ Who…”. For a long time, she kept quiet. Just when he thought she had gone back to sleep, she whispered and asked, “Do you know who is doing this, why they want to…”

“ We’ve registered a police complaint. I will start investigation tomorrow, but I don’t know who to suspect.” He continued succinctly, “ You know that it is someone who knows your house including the security code. I can’t allow you to stay there. It is too dangerous.”

Song Yu Shan shuddered again. Everything was like a nightmare to her, except this was real.

Once they went back to the city, he settled in Song Yu Shan and checked that everything was fine. He also had a word with the security guards. By the time he came back, it was almost three in the morning. Though Song Yu Shan was really sleepy and was yawning frequently, she followed him like a puppy with it’s owner. Wherever he went, she was two steps behind, never allowing him to leave her sight.

After he had keyed in the alarm for the doors and windows, as he turned back, he almost bumped into Song Yu Shan

“ You..’’ he sighed, then pulled of the little hand that was holding on the back of his shirts so tightly it had almost come untucked. “ Don’t pull at my clothes. Go wash your face and go to bed.”

The moment he said this, the panic returned to her eyes. She nibbled at her lips in fear. Her hand still held on to his shirt.

“Let go”, he said patiently, “ You are exhausted. Go to sleep. Tomorrow, everything will look better. This place is very safe, I have already checked everything. There is no need to be scared.”

Apart from her long eyelashes fanning out on her cheeks as she looked up and down, there was no other movement from the little girl

He raised his tone, “ Go to sleep.”

Shui Xin was wrong. In this arrangement between Xiang Yu and Song Yu Shan, he was always the one giving orders. Song Yu Shan never commanded him. However, even if this information were to be leaked.. no one would believe it

“ Are you tired or not ? Don’t you want to sleep?” His questioning tone already had an underlying trace of a threat, “don’t lie.”

Song Yu Shan nodded.

“Then do you want to let go? Go to sleep?”

She didn’t respond. He sighed and gave up.

“I will stay in the living room until you wake up. If you open the door, you will see me on the sofa”. He pointed at the door of the bedroom. “Now can you go to sleep?”

Song Yu Shan hesitated for a few seconds and then finally let go.

“You’ll really.. really wait till I wake up ? You won’t sneak away?” she whispered to confirm again.

“When have I ever tricked you?” he asked, “Go to bed. You have three minutes.”

“ If the bad guys..”

“Three minutes!” he repeated with a firmer tone.

The little girl in front of him immediately ran barefoot into the bedroom. In less than three minutes, she had washed her face, climbed into the bed, curled up in her habitual shrimp shape, and fallen asleep.

Under the thin blanket, she clutched the plush puppy dog. When he packed her clothes, he had not forgotten to pack the plush toy. Even he didn’t know why he remembered such an inconsequential thing. In the darkness, he walked silently into the bedroom to make sure she was asleep. Her little face was half buried in the pillow. She looked pitiful and tender, a young innocent girl clutching her dog. Xiang Yu stood in front of the bed for a long time lost in thought.


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