Loving You is Too Difficult – Ch 3.1

Chapter 3 

Miumiu : Things are heating up…

Real life was very different from what one saw in TV dramas and movies. The investigations by the police and security were unable to identify the people who were threatening the Song family. They ended up suggesting everybody be extra cautious to ward off any future troubles.

Mr Song returned from Tokyo but immediately went off to the United States. The only way he was updated about his own daughter was through the security agency. Mrs Song, after receiving the news, decided that Taiwan was too dangerous. She was not willing to come back. She wanted to stay in France. She asked Song Yu Shan if she wanted to join her mother. But her daughter refused, so she only advised her to be careful and not run around.

That was it.

An ordinary person would be flummoxed with the way the rich behaved! He also gradually discovered that Song Yu Shan’s waywardness and tantrums were simply an attempt to get attention… she just wanted someone to care for her and notice her. As log as she felt a little warmth , she would firmly hold on to it, fearing that it would disappear in a blink of an eye

And at this moment, the person she was holding on to was…

She was already immature, but now she had started behaving like a child in preschool. She had become a shadow of Xiang Yu, wherever he went, she followed. This annoyed him no end.

“ You can’t come with me!” he finally lost his patience and scolded his little follower. Her eyes widened, and his heart was pierced with twin arrows of guilt and pity. However , he tried his best to ignore those feelings. Her pink little face suddenly looked woebegone and forlorn.

“ I am going out with my mates in the security agency. It’s work related..” he tried to find an excuse. “ it doesn’t make sense for you to come.”

He was really going to meet his colleagues but it wasn’t work related. This was a monthly informal gathering. They would go to bar, relax and drink a few pegs. There was no official business being conducted. But this kind of gathering, the place, the crowd… this wasn’t really suitable for taking Song Yu Shan along. What’s more Yan Shui Xin and he were finally going through a peaceful phase. They hadn’t fought in a while and she had even called to ask if he would be coming. He really had no choice.

He had been sleeping on the sofa of the Song home for too many days. He really needed to take a breath and relax with his friends and girlfriend. Everything had been arranged. He had sent her back to the house in the city, he had a set of guards to provide security, a fellow colleague had been drafted in to stay and keep a close watch throughout the night. He was under strict instructions to call him at the slightest hint of any trouble. The only problem was Song Yu Shan who was crying and begging to go along with him

“What if someone breaks in and puts a slab of beef on the table? “she asked.

“ Won’t happen. The guards downstairs and my colleague from the agency will not allow people to break in. And there is no beef in the fridge.”

“What if the bad guy brings his own beef?”

He rubbed is forehead with one hand and tried to suppress the impulse to roll his eyes, “ I can arrange for a police dog to stay here. You know German Shephards are really fierce. They will smell any meat being brought in.”

“ I don’t want a police dog, I want my own watchdog! I want you to stay with me!!”

“ I have something else to do tonight.”

Song Yu Shan screamed, “Then the bad guys will kidnap me and you will never, ever, ever see me again!”

“ No.one.will.kidnap.you.” he said with gritted teeth.

Seriously, Xiang Yu missed the scared and compliant Song Yu Shan of a few days ago. How co operative she was at that time, how obedient! Now, just a few days later, she had changed back to that annoying little lady throwing tantrums and being unreasonable.

As they said, it was difficult for a leopard to change it’s sopts.

“ Why cant you take me with you wherever you are going?” she was still trying, “ I won’t embarrass you. I wont annoy you. Wont that be fine?”


“ Are you going to a bar with your colleagues? Or somewhere dangerous? Are you going to catch a drug dealer or a smuggler/”

Even though his uncle had taught him Judo and hand to hand combat, after all, he was just a system engineer who was supposed to protect the company from cyber attacks. Only when there was a shortage of staff was he called for help. Why would he go to nab drug dealers or kidnappers?

This girl’s imagination was getting richer and richer.

In the future, he had to strictly prohibit her from watching stupid dramas on TV

He refused to answer and started walking to the door.

“ You tell me “, the follower was still walking after him and did not show any intent of giving up,” why cant I come with you?”

“ Because Shui Xin is also going to be there”, he said flatly.

Song Yu Shan was finally silenced after these words.

“ You stay at home. Don’t’ go out. Don’t de activate the security system. Don’t open the door if someone knocks or rings the bell. Call me or the agency if anything happened. Go to bed early. Are you listening to me?” After giving her a string of instructions, he added one more command, “ watch  Japanese, Korean  TV dramas but not any Taiwanese !”

“ Ok”, her answer was muted, as if the battery in a toy had died down. Ignoring the sense of guilt he was feeling, he went to the door and finally got rid of his little shadow. As he drove, he started feeling a bit restless. He had tried to get away and relax for a few hours. But his mind kept going back to the little face with the unusual auburn hair, the innocent eyes looking forlorn…

No, he wasn’t going to think about it. They all knew that long term tension would reduce his degree of alertness. Appropriate relaxation was not only necessary; it would be crazy and irresponsible to ignore it. Was she holding on to her little plush dog and curling up in bed? Stop! Why was he thinking of her again? It was just one night!

It wasn’t until he walked into the bar where the music was loud and the light was low that he was successfully able to put the image of that little face out of his mind.

“ Oh! Come here!” One of his sharp eyed colleagues saw him and immediately called out. “ Hey , here! The super bodyguard finally deigned to join us ? We were just betting on whether you would come or not. Don’t tell me! Our little princess was willing to let you go?”

He frowned. He did not like the tone of the conversation.” Since I have come , you can’t blame her.”

Shui Xin was sitting on a bar tool in the corner and smiled. “ Oh, he is annoyed, Miss”, the group of colleagues groaned, “Why don’t you calm him down?”

“ His eyes only see the little princess. How will I have a say?” Shui Xin said half jokingly. “ I am not from a rich family. Some people are more important than others.”

Although Li Shui Xin was not from a wealthy family, she had been pampered since she was a kid. Her family, friends and even the staff at the company always treated her with the utmost deference. They dared not bow down to any demand she may have. But her arrogance was tolerated and considered a personality trait. On the other hand, Song Yu Shan’s waywardness was attributed to her rich family and was considered unforgivable. This was one of the drawbacks of being wealthy.

Probably noticing that Xiang Yu looked unhappy, Shui Xin jumped out of her chair and slapped his arm, “ What? I just said two words and you are already annoyed?”

“ I’m not annoyed. I am just here to relax, If we continue to talk about work here as well, its very boring”

“ Yeah, yeah , Miss Song is just a job. Miss Xin is so sweet, no need to get angry”, one of the men tried to reconcile the two parties, “come here. What do you want to drink? Did I tell you about the most difficult customer I met…”

“ What are you saying, the last time I went…”

“ Please, you should listen to my story…”

Everyone started talking and laughing and the atmosphere calmed down. As was usual in this kind of party, the right amount of alcohol was sufficient to relax people’s nerves and relax them.

However, after one and a half hours and four glasses of beer, he found that he was still unable to relax. He kept looking at his phone and his watch frequently. When he looked at his watch for the eighth time, Shui Xin could no longer stand it.

“ Do you have to go somewhere?” she asked deliberately, “ are you in a hurry?”

“ No”. The thick eyebrows scrunched together, “ why do you ask?”

“You’ve been looking at your watch and phone continuously”,Shui Xin moistened her lips and then tauntingly said, “ If you want to leave, go ahead. We wont stop you.”

Xiang Yu was not the kind of person who would cater to his girlfriend’s moods. Moreover, he was being accused of something he had no intention of getting into.

Why did she always talk like this? Why was she always out to ruin his moods? Must she hurt him always like this?

“ Ok. In that case, I’m leaving”. He simply stood up intending to walk out.

Shui xin’s face flushed with anger.” Why are you reacting like this ? Are you dying to go? That nasty, clingy imp is more important?”

“ When did I say that?”Looking back at her, he continued, “ aren’t you the one who asked me to leave right now?”

“ When did I sat that? It is obvious you cant wait to go back to Son Yu Shan” Li Shui Xin ignored the colleagues who were sitting quietly and started screaming, “ It’only been a few weeks and you cant leave her alone for a few hours. Please… she is just a teenager, your taste in women has really changed..”

He reached out to place his palm on her mouth, his expression so cold it sent a chill down the spines of his audience.

“ Don’t ever say that again” he said in a low voice

Burning with anger, she slapped his hand away. “ If you go, don’t come back again” Her self esteem forced her to sat these words.Xiang Yu did not intend to make the situation any more embarrassing. He decided to leave first, allowing her to calm down. Moreover, this was not the kind of ugly quarrel he wanted to have in front of his colleagues.

‘Shui Xin, don’t bother..”

“ yeah, don’t do thia..”

“ This is just his work, we all know…”

“ Who works like this? Who is like him? I am not blind…” her voice echoed behind him.

He knew that as long as he tried to coax her, she would calm down. But on the other hand, why could she not be a bit considerate of him and tell him softly, “ please take me seriously!”

He would easily bend to her will if she asked softly but if she forced her , he could be stubborn as well. When he was angry, he could be colder than anyone else. He strode out of the bar without a backward glance.

After half an hour, he was back to his starting point. No, not the bar, but to the earlier starting point. In fact, he hadn’t wanted to come back at all. He had already called the center to ascertain that there was no problem. He had spoken to the guards and there had been no strange incidents. But he still wanted to take a look himself. He would just take a look and leave. It was already midnight and she would be asleep by now. He would just go in and take a look without waking her up

He opened the door with his spare key and walked into the dark room. Walking through the living room , he walked towards the bedroom, the sound of his footsteps muffled in the thick carpet. The lights were on in the bedroom. He peeked in and his heart slammed in his chest. Song Yu Shan was not in bed! He took a long breath to calm himself down while he thought of the dozens of possibilities that may have occurred.


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  1. You know it’s really great that you are translating this using machine translations, I tried but just got my brain fried, so thanks a lot , this story is very awesome and so are you.

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