After spending a few days with the group, I had finally started believing what Lu Zijian he once said about his roommates, that they were all badasses. This description not only fitted Zhong Yuan, but also the two brothers, Passerby A and Passerby B. Both the brothers were studying Computer Science, but both had gone to extremes. Passerby A was a genius hacker. I wasn’t sure about the extent of his expertise, but whenever Zhong Yuan’s talked about him, the look on his face was one of wondrous appreciation. So he must have been brilliant. Although Zhong Yuan was evil incarnate, he was an authority on such stuff. If Zhong Yuan was praising someone, that person must be a genius. This of course meant that Zhong Yuan was a hacker himself, capable of hacking anything apparently. It was said that once he tried to to hack Passerby A’s account. The outcome was that not only was he unsuccessful, he was forced to bow down to him and learn many things. That meant that Zhong Yuan was also quite skilled in the area. Passerby B was also another expert in this area. 


If Passerby A was a genius, his brother was a wizard. Apart from software, he was involved in many other fields from astronomy to geography, from entertainment to international politics, and had a thorough knowledge of every field. Not only as he learned, he was also of a literary bent of mind. These two inclinations made his write a booklet to showcase his spirit of research and dedication. The name of this booklet was ‘ Complete X Manual.’

This booklet categorised X into four sections – primary, intermediate, advanced and the finale. The primary section could be summarised as ‘ silly X’ , the intermediate as ‘ X for X’, the advanced part could be summarised as ‘looking at X without looking at it’ and the grand finale was ‘ other people do X, he does not’. Then he demonstrated the four levels of X in terms of behaviour, psychology, influence and viewing. The final conclusion was that it was not shameful to view X, it was shameful not to view X.


I was completely confused . ( miumiu – so am I. I have no idea what this means)


So I began to worship the two brothers. There were rare talents. 


Zhong Yuan was eating a watermelon. When he heard this, he casually asked, “ Mu Er, don’t you worship me ?”

I smirked, “ Why should I?”

Zhong Yuan smiled, “ You will soon know why.”


Later I learnt from other people that the rule for survival in the dormitory had four principles –

  1. Don’t compete with Lu Zijian in Basketball.
  2. Don’t compete with Passerby A in anything computer related
  3. Don’t compete with Passerby B in X
  4. Don’t ever compete with Zhong Yuan…in anything !




In the evening, the cook told us he had run out of soy sauce, so Zhong Yuan and I went to fetch soy sauce. As an object of his long time suppression, he had taken my obedience for granted.

From our residence, the nearest shop was about fifteen minutes. The path passed through a small forest. Although there was moonlight, the woods were still quite creepy, and I had goosebumps all over. I followed closely behind Zhong Yuan. After walking for a while, he abruptly stopped and turned to look at me, “ Are you scared ?”


I almost bumped into his chest. I stumbled and stammered, “No…no..”


He clasped my hand, “ Come on.”

His grip was quite strong. I could not wrestle my hand out from his grip, so I just walked along with him. The strangest thing was that I really didn’t feel scared any more. This proved that Zhong Yuan was a ghostbuster in person.


As per the cook’s instructions, we went to a shop that made soy sauce by the bulk. In the small shop, a fat girl was on duty. When she saw Zhong Yuan, she smiled shyly, then dipped the sauce bucket in the large vat. She furtively gazed at Zhong Yuan from time to time, and in her absent mindedness spilled some of the soy sauce on herself. With a blank expressionless face, Zhong Yuan pointed that out to her, “ You spilled the sauce. “

The girl blushed . She quickly covered the lid and handed the bottle to us. She had given us almost two pounds of the sauce for the price of one. Good! I always liked a good deal.

As we turned back, the girl reluctantly accompanied us till the door and then stood there for a long time, watching us walking away. I was holding the soy sauce with one hand. With the other hand, I tugged Zhong Yuan’s hand, “ Zhong Yuan, she is looking at you.”

Zhong Yuan made no response.

I gained some courage and poked him again, “ Hey, how about you marry her ? See how good she is, she gave us two pounds of soy sauce for the price of one.”


Zhong Yuan shrugged off my hand in annoyance, “ Are you selling yourself for one pound of soy sauce ?”

“ No, I am talking about you..”, I smiled.

Zhong Yuan abruptly grabbed my arm and pulled me closer with such strength that I winced in pain . He looked down on me and said, “ I know who I will marry.”


I felt that the content of his speech was incongruous with his expression. This was just a meaningless statement, but he was looking at me in such a weird manner that I felt a chill through my heart. He seemed to be trying to read my thoughts.


I coughed and bowed my head, trying to pull my hand back. Zhong Yuan’s palm slipped down my wrist and he gripped my wrist tightly. This time I didn’t try to pull out as we had reached the small forest by this time. As the moonlight cast mottled shadows in the branches, I felt a bit scared. I was about to say something to break the silence when I heard strange sounds from the depths of the wood near us. It seemed like two people, a man and a woman were in moaning in pain. 

Curious, I tried to peek further when Zhong Yun grabbed my hand and started walking away fast. I was almost dragged along with him. The intermittent sounds gradually faded and soon , we were out of the woods. The moment we were out, I suddenly realised what the sounds were. I coughed in embarrassment. Wow, the folks Kerr were really unrestrained…

In my defence, I was listening to a live version for the first time in my life, so it took me sometime to figure it out. As I figured out the truth, I blushed. As a matter of fact, I was very innocent in all these matters..


When Zhong Yuan season me blushing, he remarked in a condescending manner, “ Why are you blushing now? “


Ah, so my guess was correct. At this point, I didn’t know what to say. Those sounds were still running through my mind..ah , ah , oh oh…. I realised that the sex education classes at school were so abstract that even after studying it for two years, the live version was unrecognisable. The old adage was true, only practice makes perfect.


As my mind was immersed in all these thoughts, Zhong Yuan dragged me back to the house.


Everyone was in the yard enjoying the weather. When they saw us, their expressions were curious. I was wondering why when Li’l Second spoke up, “ Why are you guys holding hands ? And why is your face so red blockhead three? “


I realised Zhong Yuan was still holding my hand and immediately pulled my hand out.


At that time, boss smiled and echoed, “ Forget about holding hands. You guys must have been hugging each other.”

Passerby A grabbed a chopstick from the table and placed it like a mike in front of Zhong Yuan, “ How was the feeling of being hugged , Mr Zhong ? “


I thought Zhong Yuan would not comment, but he brought his face closer to the chopstick and responded seriously, “ The hug felt very soft and comfortable.”


I was very annoyed and blurted out without thinking, “ Soft and comfortable? Are you a sanitary napkin ? “


Everyone was speechless.


A group of crows flew over my head in single file…

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  1. Hi Miumiu. Thank you for this new update. Is tgere any way that the left indentation can be reduced? I’m not able to read some word in the right because they are cut off and I don’t know if I can adjust it at my end. Thanks do much in advance!

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      1. Yes, I revisited this chapter just now and am missing words in the right side. Still, thank you very much for your translation. I’m loving the story so far.

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