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Chapter 27 – Poor me

Zhong Yuan was having his breakfast in the yard. There was a huge phoenix tree in our yard. It was spring, and the tree was dense with small lavender flowers. The picture was quite charming. Under the tree, there was a small table, and a deceptively calm person was quietly eating breakfast at that table. Although I knew very well that Zhong Yuan was not a person to be described as calm and peaceful, I had to admit that at that moment, the scenery in front of me was quite eye catching

My blood rushed to my brain rendering me momentarily dumb founded. Slowly, I stepped forward and sat opposite Zhong Yuan. Looking at his calm demeanour, I didn’t know how I could ask him. So I asked him something generic instead – ‘ Where is my dad?”

“ He went out”, Zhong Yuan pushed the buns on the table towards me. Then, as if this was his home, he calmly instructed me “ Go wash your hands. Otherwise I wont let you touch the buns. If you want to have porridge instead, go get it yourself.”

I rolled my eyes. This was not his home, it was mine. But I wasn’t in the mood to care about such minutiae at that moment. So I gathered my courage and solemnly asked him, “ Zhong Yuan, did you bring me back yesterday?”

He replied calmly, “ Who did you think brought you back ? Zhang Xu brother? “ He enunciated the words ‘Zhang Xu brother ‘with emphasis.

I tolerated the dig and continued, “ So… were you the one who folded my clothes?”

Zhong Xuan nodded, “ Yes”

My heart tightened, “ But…”

“ You undressed yourself.” He looked up at me now and continued emotionlessly, “ I didn’t do anything but stack the clothes neatly by your bedside.”

Someone help me! I fisted my hands, desperately suppressing the rising annoyance in my heart and asked him the last question,” Did you see me?”

Zhong Yuan’s lips lifted at the corners in a smile, “ What do you mean?”

I looked at him resentfully. Surely, he understood what I meant

His smile grew deeper. He raised his eyebrows and replied, “ Yes I have. I will be responsible for you.”

I gnashed my teeth in anger, “ You.. rogue!”

Zhong Yuan continued calmly, “ Actually, it was you who really started all this. I just took you to your room and you started taking off your clothes. I wanted to turn around , but you held on to me. Fortunately, you were drunk, else, I would think you were a female rogue.”

I lowered my head in shame and my face reddened. Oh heavens! Why had I behaved so shamelessly?

Zhong Yuan was still not done. “ In the future, when you are upset, don’t drink. You have a very low tolerance. Fortunately, I am a gentleman. But if you were to encounter Zhang Xu, maybe you would have been successful.”

I was both ashamed and angry, and immediately retorted,” It was you who peeked at others, why are you the blaming me?”

“ Peeking?”He repeated the word in a low voice. His eyes swept across my chest. Then he smiled disdainfully and said, “ What is there to peek at ? Even I am better than you. Atleast the pectoral muscles in my chest are developed. What do you have?”

I was speechless. I was so upset by this observation.


So I locked myself in the room and took photos in front of the mirror. He was a horrible person! Why did he say I have nothing ? I was obviously the biggest in A cup. Zhong Yuan was deliberately trying to torment me and make me feel inferior.

No, I had to retaliate!

I wanted to but I had no idea how. Finally, I sent out text messages to the group. The message was , “ How do I make a boy feel inferior?”

After a while, Miss Fourth replied, “ Ask Li’l Second”

Then boss replied, “ Li’l second will give you the right answer.”

I waited for nearly half an hour with increasing uneasiness. Then finally li’l second replied to me. “ Laugh at the size of his d***.”

Great! I decided I would go with her suggestion.

miumiu – I have a feeling this will not go well for our FL 🙂

Chapter 28 Zhong Yuan’s counter attack

I was sitting in the living room and eating watermelon as I thought about my strategy to ridicule Zhong Yuan’s little brother.

To be honest, I had occasionally looked at adult videos, but had never seen a real, naked adult male. I didn’t really know whether I could laugh at a man’s part. What I had seen in those videos was quite ugly.

As I was mulling over this, my dad came back. He had two bitter gourds in his hand. As soon as he entered the door, he said, “ Let’s have bitter gourd for lunch and give little Yuan some. Yesterday, he had a nose bleed.”

I gritted my teeth and said, “ That’s good. I hope his blood flows into the river.”

My dad shook his head and sighed, “ You really hate him! I think the child is very good.”

I was speechless. It seemed that Zhong Yuan had charmed my father. I had known Zhong Yuan for some time now, so I knew that this was his special ability. He could always make every single person like him. This was like an immutable demon law.

Of course, I was an especially determined person and would not be charmed by him 


In the evening, Zhong Yuan was taking a shower. Although he had locked the door to the bathroom, the window was open to aid ventilation. Of course, the curtain was pulled. I sneaked in front of the window and pushed back the curtain. Zhong Yuan was facing the windows. When he saw the curtains being parted, he was shocked!  

I quickly glanced at the lower body of Zhong Yuan and then looked up. Because I had done this too fast, I had not been able to see anything clearly. Please don’t ask me why I did it this way. For some reason, I was really scared. I was a pure and innocent girl. Even though I really did want to see it, I didn’t have the guts to stare at someone’s private parts while he was having a bath.  

Zhong Yuan was stunned and asked me, “ What are you doing?”

My eyes fluttered. Feigning courage I did not have, I laughed loudly and said,  “It’s so ugly!” Then I calmly waited for Zhong Yuan to explode.    

  But Zhong Yuan did not react either violently or sadly like I expected. He just turned his head slightly and looked at me in confusion, “ What?”

I went back to the room and sent Li’l second a text message, “ I told him, but he reacted strangely!”

Li’l Seconf quickly replied, “ Wat did you tell him exactly?”

I said, “ It’s so ugly!”

Lil Second rebuked me. “ Stupid! How many times have I told you that the key here is the size, not the aesthetics!”

I was dumbfounded, “ So what do I do now?”

Li’l second :  “ You tell him, “ Oh! Yours is so small ..even smaller than a pencil battery. I cant even see it unless I really look closely. You must be a natural eunuch.” 

I was clearer now, “ Ok, I will try.”

I was just about to embark on my conquest when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and saw Zhong Yuan standing at the door. His hair was still wet, and his body damp. His expression was a little mischievous. When I opened the door, he walked into the room and then closed the door. Then he crossed his arms across his chest and looked at me with his brows raised, “ You just told me ‘ It is ugly’. What is ugly?”

Inexplicably, I was assailed by a guilty conscience. “ I was wrong. You are not ugly.”

“ Ok!” Zhong Yuan nodded with satisfaction, “ so why did you peek at me in the shower? What did you want to see?”

I took a step back and sighed, “ What I really wanted to say was ,’ Zhong Yuan, your little brother is so small!”

Zhong Yuan’s face sank. He took two steps towards me , “ What are you talking about?”

I stepped back. “ I said that your d*** is so small, smaller than a pencil battery. I cant even see it unless I look carefully.”

He took another step forward, getting closer and closer to me. His eyes flashed slightly. After a while, he raised his eyebrows and his mouth curved slightly. “ Did you look carefully? Are you sure you saw it clearly?”  

Suddenly, I felt nervous. I stuttered in reply, “ I did see it clearly. You are a natural eunuch!”  

Zhong Yuan continued to approach me. I couldn’t help step back and was forced into a corner. Zhong Yuan raised an arm to support himself against the wall. I was trapped in the small space. He lowered his head so that his face was very close to mine, Suddenly, I felt an invisible pressure building on me, and I was having difficulty breathing. I lowered my head and said nervously, “ What are you trying to do….”

With his face tilted slightly to the side, he sighed in my ear, “ How small it is… do you want to use a ruler to measure it?”

  I stiffened. I did not expect this guy to be brazen enough to come up with such a trick. “ No, no, no!”

  “Why don’t you do that ? Please.. you must have the spirit of research!” Zhong yuan said, as he lowered his arm. Then he held the hem of the to shirt, pulling it up with one hand, while the other hand went to the waistband of his shorts.

 I was shocked. “What are you doing?”

Zhong Yuan lowered his head and replied: “What else would I be doing? I am just going to get my little brother measured. Ok, first, you can just see it clearly.”

As he said this, he unbuttoned the shorts and pulled the zipper open.

In a flash, I grabbed his hand tightly, “ No, I really don’t…”  

Zhong Yuan did not try to free his arm. He looked up at me coldly, “ Mu er, I am not a gentleman. If you force me again and again, I will not hold back.”

Oh god! Who ever said that you were a good person and a gentleman? But I was in no mood to point this out to him. I just kept a tight hold on his hand and argued pitifully, “ I was wrong Zhong Yuan.”

Zhong Yuan smiled slightly, “ Where were you wrong/”

I replied in an instant, “ I should not have peeked at you.”

Zhong Yuan was obviously not satisfied with the answer. “ And?”

I continued, “ And..”

Zhong Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at me, “ Am I small?”

I blushed and shook my head quickly, “ No , not small, not small at all.”

He continued interrogating me , “ not small?”  

I was literally at the end of my rope, “ Its big. It’s very big.”  

Zhong Yuan pulled his hand out of my grip.

This time, he lifted both his arms and placed it against the wall. Then he leaned forward, imprisoning me in the circle of his arms. I was finding it difficult breathing now. With one hand, he gently stroked my cheek, “ Mu er, you are really naughty.” 

I was speechless. Right there and then,  I was ready to murder him.

As I stood dumbfounded, he gently stroked my hair and continued, “If you haven’t seen it clearly, you cant have an opinion. If you want to understand the size, you will understand it once you personally experience it.” Then he walked away

I sat alone in the corner, crying tearlessly, asking the heavens why I was being the recipient of such shameful suggestions. And yet Zhong Yuan had called himself a gentleman.

Before going to bed at night, I received a text message from Li’l second. “ I forgot to tell you that after you say those words, there may be some unintended consequences.”

I had the urge to murder someone else again. But I learnt a valuable lesson. You can’t tease hooligans unless you want to court a painful death.

And I also learnt that li’l Second is not a reliable ally.  

Miumiu : ha ha, I always knew this would end badly for Mu er and it did. By the way, anyone wonder why Zhong yuan was bleeding from the nose the day before ? The reason Mu  Er’s dad wanted to feed him bitter gourd for lunch?

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  1. He obviously had a nosebleed from seeing her body after she undressed herself.

    …I am not a fan of this chapter, scenes like this make me angry at the dude rather than make me fangirl, maybe I just hate kabedons. Even so, thanks so much for translating and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

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