Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 2.2

The people from the security company and the police arrived at the same time. The investigation continued until the early hours. Yan yonggun and Xiang Yu walked out of the Song house together. One was old and one was smoking silently. Both looked worried

“You first take Missy and leave”, Yong gun said, “ take her to the First Lutheran Star for a few days. They had round the clock security there. It’s better than living in the big house alone.”

Xiang Yu could hold back no longer, “ In such a situation, Mr and Mrs Song are both uncontactable… what if something happened to their daughter? What would I do?”

There was unhappiness and accusation in his tone. What he was trying to say was quite obvious. Yan Yonggun looked at him. He knew Xiang Yu since when he was very young. He had seen him grow up and had looked forward to welcoming him as his son in law. He could not deny that. He admired his calm demeanour and his control over his emotions, something he had exhibited since he was a child. Because of all this, he was really surprised at his sudden anger.

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LYITD – Ch 2.1

Chapter 2

How are you doing?”  the woman’s voice had a hint of both teasing and curiosity, “ how many times in this week have you wanted to murder that little imp?”

He snorted and looked down at the menu, but provided no answer

“ I have professional ethics and will not criticise my customers” , he responded instead. The woman in front of him continued smiling as she was quite accustomed to his cold answers. “ Even if that little imp is annoying, you can’t deny that the work is not too bad.”

“ What’s good about it?” he finally looked up at her.

“Your salary has doubled, you no longer have to punch in your time when you go to work. You have a luxury car at your disposal…”

“ I just got called a dog guarding the gate today” he interrupted her

Sitting opposite him, Yan Shui Xin, with her straight black hair draped over one shoulder and a porcelain face with apricot shaped eyes and a smile on her face, looked like a college student. But her eyebrows were raised in a way that showed she was enjoying needling him. Continue reading LYITD – Ch 2.1

Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 1.2

“ From which angle do I look like a gate? Tell me ! Which angle!’

With her anger, her face was flushed to a lovely pink. Her lovely amber eyes blazed in the sunlight. Her hair was cut short and had scattered across her cheeks, further enhancing her delicate facial features. She looked like a lovely young girl, although she exhibited a bit too much aggression.

But Xiang Yu only looked at her indifferently.

He didn’t care what people thought about him, how they criticised him. He didnt care how beautiful or how annoying this trouble was. This was all part of his job and he did not invest any personal feelings in this
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Loving You is Too Difficult – Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1

He strode over the sidewalk. The scorching summer sun was so hot that it almost melted people. In less than ten minutes, his white shirt was plastered to his perspiring back, revealing a sleek, lean body

With wide shoulders and long legs, his physique was comparable to male models but is five hundred times more masculine than any makeup wearing male model. In fact there was no trace of any kind of artificial enhancements on his body. His five features were rough. His eyebrows were strong, his skin was lightly tanned and the stubble on his face made him look like he hadn’t shaved for three days when in fact he had shaved just this morning. If someone suddenly looked at him, that person was likely to get scared.

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Loving You is Too Difficult – Prologue


The morning started like this.


With one sweep, the curtains were swept aside in one stroke allowing the bright summer sun to enter the quiet and shaded room and light up all the corners. The light shone on the fluffy bed filled with soft toys of all sizes and shapes, the silk pillows and quilts in a playful pink and purple color and a suspicious looking lump in the center of thee bed. The lump started to wriggle.

” Turn it off..” the weak mewl came from under a giant panda on the bed

” Turn off the alarm..”

” The alarm has stopped”. The response was curt and emotionless.

” Then why.. why is it so noisy..” the  voice mewled powerlessly again. It sounded pitiful and weak.

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NCND – Side Story 1

Side story 1


When Ye Zhengchen was in the PLA hospital, I finally understood why he was so reluctant to be transferred here. No wonder Dr Lin had used this  threat to make him behave.

Since the time he came, he was never alone. His mother stayed with him all day long and his food and other comforts were taken care of.

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NCND Ch 54

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NCND – Chapter 53.2

This part is super sweet. I feel that BB attributes too much to YZ’s careful planning – is he really that devious ? Leave me your comments please. I would be grateful if someone left a positive review on NU> Everytime I see it, the first review ( the latest by date) is a negative one with one star. hurts 😦

“It’s not that far and I am already back. If you don’t want to eat porridge, then what do you want to eat?”

“Are you really asking me this question? Of course, I want to eat you!”

I was sorely tempted to kill him over the phone. In my indignation, I forgot to keep my voice low, “ Do you want to go to the PLA general hospital?”

“ Are you ok with that?” Ye Zhengchen asked me with audacity.

“ I am going to ask Dr Lin to send you right now…”

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NCND – Ch 53.1

Chapter 53 – Meeting the parents

I had already seen Ye Zhenghchen’s medical report during the day and I was well aware of his condition.

His skin was not healing and the wound was getting inflamed repeatedly. Therefore, I was more cautious than usual. I disinfected my hand three times before treating the wound so as not to infect him again

Finally, after the dressing was done, I pinched my stiff fingers and let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Zhengchen quietly reached out and wiped the sweat on my forehead.

“Doctor, is it necessary to be so nervous? I have always seen you calm when seeing to patients.” Continue reading NCND – Ch 53.1