By the time we finished eating and unpacking, it was already dark. Ye Zhengchen looked at me , “ Girl, I need to take a bath.”

He would never forget things like this.

“ Sure. Where?” I asked, thinking we needed to be careful not to get his wounds wet, “on the bed or in the bathroom?”

He looked sad.  “ My doctor said no strenuous exercise.”


I should not have asked for his opinion.

“ Let’s go then. I will help you walk to the bathroom”. I supported him as he walked to the bathroom. I ensured I locked the door to his room. With this man, I did not want to be caught in an embarrassing position.


We walked into a small bathroom. The room was very small, but compared to my hospital where the patients sometimes slept on the floor, this was akin to royal treatment

I reached out to unbutton the gown but there was a strange look in his eyes.

“Take off your clothes.”

“ Aren’t you going to help me?”

“ Can’t you do it yourself?”

“No!” he answered succinctly


With no way out, I reached out and slowly unbuttoned his clothes. Through out the process, I dared not look at him. The windowless bathroom felt so hot and stifling that I was soon sweating.


Finally, I managed to undress him. His proud body was now almost naked.  Memories hit me like tidal waves. The memories of being closely held by that body, his skin brushing against mine… our bodies grinding.


“What are you thinking about?”

With his IQ and EQ, was it really possible he wasn’t aware what I was thinking of?

“Can you please concentrate on your injury?”

“ Are you that desperate?”

I kept quiet, pretending not to understand his question.

He poked me in the chest. “Girl, give me a Thai bath.”

I looked around. I was suffocating from the heat. “ Sorry, I dont know what that is.”

“ I will teach you.”

I was getting angry. “ Ye Zhengchen! What are you trying to do?”

“ Get a bath!”


I warned him. “ Stop flirting with me. Or else you will not like the consequences!”

He smiled, “ Although I don’t like to be passive, I can bear to be passive once or twice.”


I turned on the shower and tested the temperature of the water. When it was warm enough, I used my hands to pour the water on his back. Then I gently stroked along the direction of water down his back.


He took a deep breath and I could feel a small shudder pass through his body.

I wasn’t a stranger to his body, but even I felt a bit dizzy as my fingers grazed down his smooth back.

I tried to calm myself as my hands continued stroking his back, rubbing the water against his skin.

As I continued, I realised why Ye Zhengchen always insisted on me bathing him. That was because his body was even more seductive than his face.

The bones were thin, his body was well proportioned. He was muscular but not overly so. His legs were straight and long. He stood in front of me like a perfect sculpture.


On top of all this, he had really good skin, In the din light of the bathroom, his skin shone like honey, making me want to lick it.

The steam rising from the hot shower was making the bathroom really hot. Even my hand was trembling.

Silently, he looked at me across the curtain of rising steam.

I turned off the shower and took some bathing gel on my palm. I gently rubbed the gel down his back as well.

He closed his eyes, frowned and leaned against the chilly tiles.

“What are you thinking”, I threw his question right back at him. I already knew the answer. It was clearly visible from the reaction of his body.


“ I was just thinking of something somebody told me . Someone who wanted to divest me of a military uniform, unbutton it one by one…”

Military uniform…

My face heated up. Fortunately, his eyes were closed and he could not see me.

“Who said that?”

He smiled. “ I just got my ceremonial military uniform.”

Ceremonial uniform?


This was the formal dress they wore in military parades or other official occasions. This was the uniform I had admired when the military parade was shown on TV. This is the stuff my dreams were made of.

I silently looked at him. He moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue.

God knew how much I wanted him at that moment, but the thought of his injury stopped me. This was a person who had three broken ribs.

If I did something to him now, I would be breaching professional ethics.

I was lost in my thoughts, and forgot that my hand was still at his waist, caressing his heated skin.

He opened his eyes, “ Are you testing me?”

It was clear that he was the one testing my endurance.

“ You asked me to give you a shower.

He inhaled. “ Are you sue you want to bathe me like this?”

“ You know I am always serious about anything I do.”

I glanced at him as I held the shower head with one hand and scoured his body with another.


By now, the water had turned a bit cold. I tried to turn the knob to increase the temperature, but accidentally, the water turned too hot.

Ye Zhengchen could not bear it.

With  one hand, he pushed me against the wall. With the other, he grabbed the hand shower and turned the nozzle towards me.

“ What are you doing?”

“ You helped me take a bath, now I am returning the favour.” The hot water drenched me to the skin. My wet clothes clung  to my body.


Finally, he closed the tap. By that time, all my clothes were soaked. They were almost transparent now and my body was completely exposed to is eyes.

His hands moved to my body. His fingers pinched a nipple, slowly rubbing it between thumb and fingers.

My body turned numb.

Ye Zhengchen smiled.

“ You know I am not serious about anything, except you!”

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