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Loving You is Too Difficult – Epilogue


It was afternoon and the sun was shining brightly. Summer had arrived again in Taiwan.

“ What is this?” a cute childish voice asked, her crisp voice ringing out clearly in the empty reading room

“ This is ‘Xin’, “ a female voice answered.

“ Oh I know this! This is my mother’s name. Shui Xin!” The little girl was elated. She pointed at the word and read it out aloud again. “ What about yours? Will you write your name for me as well ?”

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Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 10.2

Song Yu Shan slowly woke up . Her eyes blinked as the morning light hit them. Last night, he had used so many methods and postures, patiently and tenderly, so that she could experience the ultimate sexual pleasures over and over again.

At this moment , she was fully satiated and content. But… there was no clothing on her! Even the quilt had been taken away and she was as bare as the day she was born. Strangely, she wasn’t feeling cold.

She propped up her sore body and found that an electric heater normally used in winter had been placed next to her. That was the reason she was not feeling cold.

“ You’ve woken up?” a familiar voice rang out behind her.

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Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 10.1

And * drumrolls* the last chapter! There is an epilogue after that though. Hopefully, I will complete this short story during the CNY holidays. Please give me some reviews on NU so I am motivated 🙂

Chapter 10

She had run away again! Xiang Yu did not know how long he would be able to endure this strange game. She was always running away from his arms and from his bed. She was always refusing to stay – even overnight. And she would always run away while he was asleep without a word to him. He swore that one day he would burn all her clothes! That would prevent her from running away!

Why was she acting like a thief with him?

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Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 9.2

Miumiu – Yay! Finally someone wrote a review on NU. I was thinking I’ll finish the translation with none. This translator does not ask money for coffee, just reviews and comments 🙂 🙂

Chapter 9.2

“Hmm…” The sounds of someone moaning softly could be heard in the elegant room. Earlier, this room had a strong masculine character. There was almost no decoration and the style of the furniture was utilitarian rather than aesthetic. But the skilful touch of a woman was now evident in the decor. There were floor lamps and leather chairs placed on the log floor. The large bed was covered by indigo blue Egyptian cotton sheets with a subtle silver pattern. On the whole, the effect was cosy and comfortable.

The beautiful sheets were now rumpled while a quilt of the same colour had fallen on the floor by the bedside. On the bed lay a snow white body, her waist being tightly hugged. The fine body of a lightly tanned man was pressed against the snow white body, their limbs intertwined.

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Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 9.1

Chapter 9:

Miumiu – So if you thought everything was now resolved and we just have a few chapters to detail the ‘happily ever after’… well it wasn’t. Did you notice the small foreshadowing in the last chapter – “ She had no reason to fear him, except the fear that someday he would leave him”

Xiang Yu was exhilarated that everything had progressed just like he had planned. But Song Yu Shan clearly had other thoughts..

The day after they made love for the first time, he went to work in a joyous mood. The kind of pure male satisfaction he felt was indescribable. He knew she would probably feel tired and a bit sore, although she was unwilling to admit it. But he was a bit worried. Only a few hours later, he wanted to hug and caress her again. Therefore, in the afternoon, he took an hour off to go home and see her Continue reading Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 9.1

Loving You is Too Difficult – Ch 8

Chapter 8

PG13 material in this chapter.. be warned!

Since then, everything changed in a manner that none of them could have predicted.Xiang Yu decided that giving Song Yu Shan too much space was not the right strategy. Like always, once he had determined his goal, he wanted to quickly stride towards his goal and achieve it with no room for hesitation. The problem though, was that this time it wasn’t a career goal or an object. Should he not ask her first? After all, she was also a ‘party’ to his goal and her wishes needed to be taken into consideration too! Continue reading Loving You is Too Difficult – Ch 8

LYITD – Ch 7.2

The sun hung low in the skies of Northern Taiwan. Although it was autumn now, the heat had not dimmed. Xiang Yu glanced sideways at the figure next to him. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. In the sun, her hair glinted with the unique reddish – brown highlights, so different from anyone else’s. Her fair and delicate skin was slightly flushed in the heat, and there was sheen of perspiration on her forehead. She was dressed casually in a beige polo T shirt and khaki trousers. In fact, among the ladies who competed to dress up in the latest fashions, she looked really plain. Continue reading LYITD – Ch 7.2

LYITD – Ch 7.1

Happy new year to all my readers!. 3.5 more chapters and one epilogue left 🙂

Chapter 7

She flopped down on the small bed as she put down the canvas bag full of books. She looked up at the white unadorned ceiling. Shouldn’t her life be as boring and unadorned as the ceiling? She had already resigned to her fate.  To be honest, she really had not been shocked when she saw him again. The calmness she showed was not pretension. But that was because she thought he was an illusion. Even after she recognised him and they talked, she still felt she was in a dream. As long as it was a dream, no matter how beautiful and coveted, at some point it would disappear and she would wake up. She had dreamt of him often. This particular dream had a thousand versions of how they finally met each other again. She had rehearsed this meeting so many times, why would she be shocked? She turned over and closed her eyes. Immediately, his handsome image flashed in her mind. Continue reading LYITD – Ch 7.1

Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 6.2

Miumiu – So what happened to Song Yu Shan in the last eight years? Xiang Yu is in for the surprise of his life…

The morning sun shone through the curtains. It was summer again. It was hot outside, the temperatures were thirty degrees celcius on an average these days. But the air-conditioning indoors was really strong and it was almost too cold in here.

But the library had a relaxing and calming atmosphere.It was quiet and cool inside. Continue reading Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 6.2

Loving You Is Too Difficult – Ch 6.1

Xiang Yu did not know if Song Yu Shan had forgotten him as he had confidently predicted, but he had certainly not been able to forget the arrogant rich miss. Every time he thought about her, his lips would curl up in a smile. It had been several years, but to his amazement he was always able to recall all the details clearly. A hot summer, a young girl’s childish fantasies and dreams and how it all ended finally. In a foreign land, when he was tired and lonely, he would often think of her sweet face, her auburn hair, her hazel eyes, the purple and pink bedroom and the lavender fragrance that always surrounded her…

It had been eight years, not a short time by any standard. In the past eight years, he had broken up with his girlfriend, resigned and left Taiwan, studied for a master’s degree in the United States, set up a new business and oversaw the company as it grew from five employees to hundreds of employees…

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