Chapter 53 – Meeting the parents

I had already seen Ye Zhenghchen’s medical report during the day and I was well aware of his condition.

His skin was not healing and the wound was getting inflamed repeatedly. Therefore, I was more cautious than usual. I disinfected my hand three times before treating the wound so as not to infect him again

Finally, after the dressing was done, I pinched my stiff fingers and let out a sigh of relief.

Ye Zhengchen quietly reached out and wiped the sweat on my forehead.

“Doctor, is it necessary to be so nervous? I have always seen you calm when seeing to patients.”

“Dr Ye, if I remember correctly, when I was hospitalised three years go by your ex-wife, you couldn’t even look at my wounds. You kept asking the doctor if it would leave a scar.”

“ Who said I couldn’t look at your wounds? They were just so ugly.. and she is not my ex-wife.”


“ Didn’t you get divorced?”

Ye Zhengchen sighed helplessly, “ Such a beautiful time, why do you have to mention my ex-wife?”

Alright, I would not.

“ It’s almost time, have a look at the temperature.” He handed me the thermometer. It was thirty eight degrees. “ You have a fever! Is the wound inflamed again?”

“ I just did some intense exercise, how could I not be hot?”

“ But…”


“I am quite sure that if we measure yours, you will be hotter than me…”

Saying this, he grabbed the thermometer from my hand and put his hand under my clothes. His cool fingers rested against my chest. It made me feel really hot.

I caught his erring hand and prevented him from harassing me further.

“ Dr Ye, are you measuring the temperature of female patients like this?”

“ I would like to. Unfortunately, after being a doctor for so many years, today is the day I finally get an opportunity.”


Looking at the smirk on his face, I suddenly felt I could not understand him anymore. Which was the real Ye Zhengchen? The handsome guy who drives sports cars and paints the town red, the saintly man in a white coat who was a medical student or the man in the green military uniform who was a major in the army?

I was confused!

“ Why are you looking at me like that ?”


“I just think that I need to re-acquaint myself with you.”

“Don’t you already know me well enough?”

“ I need to get to  know you more”, I sat up and said seriously.

“ Is Ye Zhengchen your real name?”

“ Yes, but this isn’t the name on the files before I graduated from college.”

“ Are you twenty nine ?”

“Thirty. I graduated from the commanding college more than a year ago.”

That meant that his age was facked.

“ What are your hobbies? Driving fast cars and chasing beautiful women?”

“ Could healing people be considered a hobby?”

“ Liar! I don’t belive this is your hobby.”


He thought about it for a while. “ Shooting.”

“ You shoot?” I suddenly thought that Ye Zhengchen with a gun in his hand would look really cool!

“It’s actually quite simple. I can teach you when we have some time.”




“Any other questions?”


I tried to hold back the next question but it came out anyway.

“ Who was your first love?”


“ I feel exhausted”

He lay down on the bed with a hand on his wound and closed his eyes.

“ You haven’t answered me yet.”

He turned his back to me and kept silent. The more he avoided me, the more curious I was.

“ I won’t mind. I am just curious abut you.”

He opened his eyes but he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were unfocused, as if looking at a distant past.


“ Do you believe in fate? I do. One day, in the early morning, when I was coming out of the study room, I saw her. She was wearing a white coat and sitting in front of the microscope. She was nibbling on a pencil and seemed to be thinking hard. Her hair was rolled up in a coil, but some tendrils had escaped and were gently handing on the sides of her face. I really wanted to go and ask her, what is it that you are thinking about? Why do you want to marry a soldier? Why did you want to study medicine? Why did you come to Japan? Why did you want to come to Fuji University? Why did you choose to live next door to me? Was everything just destiny?


I was shocked into silence. After a long time, I said , “ Brother, was I your first love?”


“I am feeling feverish. Give me the medicine in the drawer.”

I quickly poured out some warm water, took the medicine from the drawer and handed it over to him. Actually, I was sure I was not his first love. But it wasn’t really important. What was important was that I believed in fate as well. I believed that fate arranged a life partner for us. We were destined to meet to fall in love and to spend a lifetime together.


I don’t know how many times I took his temperature during the night, how many times I checked the wound till I finally convinced myself he wad okay and fell asleep


Within what seemed like minutes after I finally fell asleep, there was a knock on the door. I hurriedly dragged myself away from Ye Zhencghen’s arms and ran to open the door. Dr Li was standing outside and he looked angry.

“ How is he ? Is everything ok?”

“ He had a bit of fever during the night but he looks normal now.”

“ Fever?” he repeated as he strode in. When he opened the bandage and saw the blood, his face changed.

“ Why is he bleeding again?”

“ Maybe my skin takes time to heal”, Ye Zhengchen replied bluntly.


Dr Lin looked around the ward and finally his eyes fell on the bed sheets. He looked at the wolf pretending to be innocent.

“ Are you still planning to leave the hospital?”

“ Of course, I do, you know it’s not easy for me to take a leave for so long.”

When I saw how angry Dr Lin was, I decided to avoid him.


“ I should go and get some breakfast.”

“ I’m not hungry.”

“ I am. “


I had just walked to the door when I heard Dr Lin say , “ If you don’t settle down, I will ask for your transfer to the PLA general hospital ( in Beijing)”

As soon as he heard this, Ye Zhengchen changed his arrogant attitude. “ You know me, I would never endanger myself.”

Before the door closed, I heard Dr Lin snorting, “Yes, I know you too well.”

I don’t know why but when I heard the two of them, it didn’t sound like the dialogue between a doctor and a patient.


I deliberately went to the most nutritious breakfast shop in Nanzhou to buy breakfast. After half an hour, I bought two bowls of nutritious eight-treasure porridge and some noodles. In order to keep the porridge hot, I wrapped my arms around the package and hurried back.


Many people were waiting for the elevator when I reached the hospital.

Among them, I spied an elderly man who looked particularly eye-catching. He was wearing an ordinary blue coat and a white shirt, the wrinkles under his brows were as deep as gullies. He must have been around fifty or sixty years old, but he stood ram rod straight and exuded an air of confidence that made people look at him twice.

A woman stood next to him She must have been in her forties. Her clothes were simple and delicate, her face was elegant and she seemed to have a gentle temperament. She must have been exquisitely beautiful when she was younger.

I couldn’t help but look at the woman. She looked familiar but I couldn’t recall where I had seen her earlier. Just as I was trying to place her, my phone rang.

As soon as I picked up the call, the man on the other side started complaining loudly, “ Where did you go ? Why haven’t you come back yet?”

Maybe he spoke too loudly. The old man turned and glanced at me.

I hurriedly covered the speaker and whispered, “ I went to buy the famous eight-treasure porridge of Nanzhou. You’ve never tried it.”

“ Yao Ji?”

“ yes”

“ It’s too far! I don’t want to eat porridge. Just come back now.”








13 thoughts on “NCND – Ch 53.1

  1. Swooning after that 1 paragraph. ❤
    Scared that the old couple is YZC’s parents and they’ll be mean to our little Girl 😞.


      1. I know that’s right!! After all he has been through to stay close to Bing He’s not going to give up. It’s just not in his personality. I wonder which parent gave him this mad lust and dogged pursuit of a goal.

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      2. I suppose when we meet the parents we will get to know. He did talk about his parents some time back. About how his dad was always busy and mom was left to take care of the children and elderly. If you remember , once his mom had fallen really sick and he had to call an ambulance. That is when a doctor saved her and he was motivated to be a doctor. So I suppose it’s his Father who makes him so stubborn

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