This side story is really long so I will post it in three or four parts. My translating skills are really rusty by now. But I wanted to post this because the side story gives us some insight into YZ’s side of the story. As always, leave me your comments! πŸ˜€

NCND – Side story 2

Early in the morning, the doctor made a comprehensive examination and informed Ye Zhengchen that he could be discharged from the hospital.

Ye Zhengchen didn’t even wait for a second after the pronouncement. He immediately ordered the guard at the door, β€œGo and complete the discharge formalities!”

β€œYes”, the guard saluted smartly and left. Ye Zhengchen then made a call on the phone, β€œI’ve been discharged, Come and pick me up. Then let’s find a good place to hang out and get drunk!”

He hung up the phone and started changing his clothes.

β€œ Where are you going?” I asked. I still hadn’t caught up to the situation yet.

β€œ Getting discharged!”

I knew that military personnel were efficient, but I had never seen anyone discharge themselves so efficiently.

β€œ Don’t you need to pack up?”

β€œ My guards will do all that. We need to leave before my mom comes. Otherwise, we will never be able to leave!”

I didn’t even have the time to wear my coat. I grabbed my coat and bag, and rushed after him.

When he reached the gate, Ye Zhengchen lookedΒ  around . As soon as he pulled out his phone intending to place a call , a black Audi car sped in and braked abruptly in front of us with a screeching sound. The car was brand new, even the stickers had not been removed yet. Was this what they considered low key ?

The window rolled out to reveal the face of Zheng Wei. β€œCongratulations on your discharge!”

β€œ Hell!” Ye Zhengchen commented as he pulled open the door and signalled me to get in. Once I was inside the car, he settled on the front seat and turned to Zhang Wei , β€œ Where are we celebrating ?”

β€œ I called Xiao Wu. They want to go to Qinhuangdao, I hear there is a very good club there.”

β€œ Qinhuangdao? Why so far?” he asked. Then he smiled, β€œ Are you already tired of the chicks in Beijing ? That’s why you are planning to go somewhere else?”

β€œ If we go far enough, whatever we do, there is no fear of being recognised.”

Ye Zhengchen smiled again, β€œ So cautious?”

β€œ Lack of caution can easily lead to stains in my reputation.”

β€œHmm.” The very clever future chief of staff seemed to be mulling over the last statement. β€œ How about we go to Hainan then?”

β€œ Next time..”

…… ……

Three hours later, we arrived at the port of Qinhuangdo. I rolled down the window and the moist see breeze caressed my cheeks. I felt slightly cold. Ye Zhengchen looked at the thin clothes on my body and then looked at a commercial street not far away. He pointed to a shopping centre and said to Zheng Wei, β€œ Could you make a stop at that centre ? I want to buy her some clothes.”

Zheng Wei silently drove the car to the parking in front of the mall. β€œ You guys go up. I’ll wait here in the car.”

Ye Zhengchen put his arms around my shoulder and we walked into the mall together. The shopping mall was not too big. It was lit up with many fluorescent tubes and shining brightly. I could hardly open my eyes. As soon as we entered the women’s section, a bunch of enthusiastic sales assistants immediately greeted us.

β€œ Sir, do you want to buy some clothes for your girlfriend?”

β€œ What kind of style do you prefer?”

β€œ Take a look at this. These are all fresh arrivals!”

I was speechless. I had heard that the service personnel in any tourist city were very good, but this was beyond my expectations. Ye Zhengchen looked at me with a flirtatious expression and smiled slightly. For some reason, I felt a chill run down my spine.

β€œ Sexy.”

Huh ! A leopard could never change it’s spots.

As soon as the words were uttered, the sales assistants rushed around, providing a variety of dresses with low cut chests and backless styles. Ye Zhengchen picked a red one from the pile. β€œ Try this.”

The dress was a tube top, and my bra was not strapless. So I simply took off my bra and just put the dress on.

When I came out of the changing room, Ye Zhengchen examined me from top to bottom. A man passed by and he stared at my chest. Suddenly, I felt uncomfortable. Ye Zhengchen immediately stuffed a black midi dress in my arms and pushed me back into the changing room.

This dress was quite clingy and hugged my curves closely. The back was exposed almost to the waist. It really wasn’t the kind of clothes a decent woman would wear. This time, when I came out, I could see his eyes shining. Β I whispered to him, β€œ Should I wear a coat or scarf with this?”

He shook his head and handed me another dress.

After trying six pieces in a row, I wiped the sweat from my forehead and firmly drew the line. β€œ This is the last one I will try.”

Although my own clothes were inadequate in the chilly weather outside, I really had no patience to try more clothes.

But Ye Zhengchen shook his head resolutely and pointed to a a more sober dress on the mannequin placed next to the mirror. β€œ This one.”

β€œ What?”

I looked at the clothes and asked, β€œ Are you sure?”

There was nothing remotely sexy about the dress.

To prove how determined he was, Ye Zhengchen took his bank card from his wallet and handed it over to the sales assistant.

β€œ I want that dress and the windbreaker. Can she change into this one now?”

The sales assistant was a bit disappointed. Then Ye Zhengchen pointed to the dress she was holding, ready to give me to try on. β€œ This and the others she tried on, I want you to wrap them up as well.”

β€œ Okay.” The sales assistant’s face lit up. She picked up the dresses and walked towards the cash counter.

Ye Zhengchen walked towards me. His arms wound around my waist as he lightly kissed my lips. β€œ When we go home at night, you can wear those sexy dresses for my eyes only…”

This rogue! I would always need to be careful around him!

After buying the clothes, and a pair of shoes to match, we went to the menswear section and bought a black coat for Ye Zhengchen. Then we walked out of the mall. I thought Zheng Wei would be waiting anxiously for us, but instead we found him chatting with a beautiful woman, He looked like he was enjoying himself.

In fact, when he saw us, he looked quite disappointed. β€œ How did you finish so fast?”

β€œ Would you like us to go in again?” Ye Zhengchen asked.

β€œ Forget it.” Zheng Wei glanced at his watch. β€œ Xiao Wu and the others have already arrived. They are waiting for us at the clubhouse”, he informed us.

He opened the door of the car and was on the verge of getting in. The beautiful woman looked at him with a hint of sorrow.

Ye Zhengchen walked over to her. In the most polite manner, he asked her, β€œ A few of our friends are getting together at the club. Would you be interested in joining us?”

The woman was a bit hesitant, β€˜ Would it be ok/”

β€œ Of course!”

She looked at me and probably thought I was someone like her. She seemed to have come to a decision. β€œ Fine.”

She sat with us in the car. After a few words, we learned that her name was Xiao Yu. She was a college student. She was supposed to meet a friend for shopping but had been unexpectedly stood up. She was standing there blankly when Zheng Wei came over and started chatting with her.


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