Song Yu Shan slowly woke up . Her eyes blinked as the morning light hit them. Last night, he had used so many methods and postures, patiently and tenderly, so that she could experience the ultimate sexual pleasures over and over again.

At this moment , she was fully satiated and content. But… there was no clothing on her! Even the quilt had been taken away and she was as bare as the day she was born. Strangely, she wasn’t feeling cold.

She propped up her sore body and found that an electric heater normally used in winter had been placed next to her. That was the reason she was not feeling cold.

“ You’ve woken up?” a familiar voice rang out behind her.

She looked back and found Xiang Yu sitting on a chair. He was neatly dressed and looked fresh and heart-achingly handsome. He admired the contours of her body openly. There was a sinister smile on his face. Song Yu Shan could feel her whole body flush and a heat rise from her lower body.

The two of them had been intimate several times already. Every inch of her skin, including her most intimate parts had been kissed and explored by him. Inspite of that, she was very embarrassed as she lay before him like this, bare and open to his gaze in the soft morning light.

‘You’re blushing all over. It’s a beautiful sight!” he said.

“ Where are my clothes?” she asked, annoyed.

“ Let me hold on to those for a while.”

She lifted her head and looked at the two large boxes. She didn’t have too many clothes and she usually put them in two large boxes. At the moment, those boxes were placed side by side, under the legs of the young master.

Why was he guarding her clothes like that? She hated him at that moment.

“ What are you planning to do ? Don’t tell me you want to wear my clothes!” she questioned.

“ I am ensuring you don’t run away”, Xiang Yu was clearly satisfied with his plan. He grinned, “We need to talk.”

“ Can I wear my clothes and then talk?” she asked.

“ No”. The refusal was clear and succinct

What was wrong with him ? He was so emotionless and never displayed any sense of humour. Why was he behaving this way ?

She curled up like a shrimp and asked him angrily, “What do you want to talk about?”

After greedily admiring the naked beauty in front of him, he spoke.  “I want to talk about the situation between us and I want to talk about the future. I want you to promise me something.”

Song Yu Shan wondered if she had heard him wrong, “You want me to promise something? What?”

“I want you to promise me you will always give me a chance. “ His smile disappeared .His handsome face was completely sombre at that moment. “Give me the chance to go after you , no matter where you run.”

Song Yu Shan stared at him in consternation.

“ I know you don’t feel safe. You are scared that the people you love will one day leave you and never come back, aren’t you?” His voice was so gentle that Song Yu Shan almost cried. “That is why you would always cling to me, why you always tried to manipulate me and threw temper tantrums. All of this was in hopes to get my attention. Then, one day, you realised that all your efforts  were in vain. Left with no other choice, you  decided to bow down and compromise…and you made up your mind that  nothing was worth fighting for. Yu Shan, isn’t that the case?”

Her eyes reddened. She bit her lips trying hard to hold back the tears.

How was this possible? In a few words, he had portrayed the state of her mind so accurately. So strange..

“ It doesn’t matter. I know that you will be scared and that you will be contradictory. You will second guess your emotions… it doesn’t matter. If you run away, I will pursue you. One day, whether it is because you are tired or because you finally trust me, you will stop running. Whatever the reason, finally you will stay safely beside me.” He smiled at her fondly ,”The only condition is that you cannot blame me for remembering and trying to recreate the feeling of making love to you..”

One teardrop rolled down her cheek.

Then another one… and another one…

Her lovely nose was red and her eyes were bright with tears. She had scrunched her face exactly as she used to do when she cried. Years ago, he had stood by stonily as she had cried. But that was in the past. He would never let her cry alone again. He quickly got up, strode across the room , sat on the bed and pulled her on his lap. Then he hugged her tightly as she cried. His big hand gently stroked her back while the other hand patted her face against his shoulder.

She had every right to cry! In the past few years, she had gone through so much on her own.

“I don’t want to… you don’t…”, she whimpered unintelligibly, holding on to her pride,” Don’t do this…”

“No, I won’t let you go.” Yan Yonggun had already certified that Xiang Yu was a control freak and he felt it was only right that he adhered to that image. “ I have decided that no one and nothing can change my mind. You should be very clear there is no other alternative.”


“Yes I am a bully,” he smiled and kissed her head, “Aren’t you already used to that facet of my character?”

“Why should I get used to it…”

She knew that she was behaving like a little girl, crying and throwing tantrums, and it was a bit immature. But… but… who was willing to put up with these tantrums and reassure her of his love? Who was willing to lend her a shoulder to cry on?

Earlier, she had been a lonely little princess. She had the best of everything, but no one gave this princess love or affection. Now she was no longer a princess, she no longer had the best of luxury, but her warrior was back. She knew that he would protect her, ward off all storms and be by her side always …just like a guard dog.

“ You have to get used to it. I will always come after you in the future… In the past, you would always cling to me. Now I will wrap myself around you…fair, right? I am always a fair person.”

“ No… You are the most hateful person!” Although these were the words she uttered, her naked and soft body drilled deeper into his arms, held him tighter and comfortably nestled in his arms.. “ You… you are just a watchdog!”

She blurted out what he had been told years ago and started laughing!

“Okay, I am a watchdog”. He bowed his head and kissed her sensitive ear, nibbling her earlobe and making her protest. “ That makes you the gate. I have never seen such a soft and curvaceous door…”

“Ok… don’t bite me…”

“No way! You said that I am a dog. Dogs will bite. “His laughter was low , his words soft and intimate.

“ Ah!”, she shouted out. But then there was silence, followed by low moans…

Of course, it is irrelevant to describe in detail what happened after that. Suffice it to say that Xiang Yu was once again late for work.

Miumiu – and only the epilogue remains!!!

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