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Chapter 10

She had run away again! Xiang Yu did not know how long he would be able to endure this strange game. She was always running away from his arms and from his bed. She was always refusing to stay – even overnight. And she would always run away while he was asleep without a word to him. He swore that one day he would burn all her clothes! That would prevent her from running away!

Why was she acting like a thief with him?

When he requested her to accompany him to a program of dinner and entertainment, she refused, stating she really did not enjoy such occasions. If he went to play golf with her, she stubbornly continued to act as his caddy. Every time, they made love, he was always the one who wanted to cling on to her. This time, he had asked her for dinner with his uncle. He wanted to use this occasion to declare their relationship to the only family he had. It would also explain why he did not visit his uncle or little Tang often these days. But she had disappeared without a trace!

He had told her he would pick her up from the library. But when they reached the library, he could not find her. A girl in her early twenties informed him that Miss Song had left early  today due to some personal commitments.

“ And you are…”

“ I am an intern”, the girl replied, her eyes filled with admiration. Ever since he had entered, she had been staring at his handsome figure and emotionless face. Miss Song’s boyfriend was so handsome! Why did Miss Song never mention him? Miss Ming was so lost in admiration of the unexpected guest that she ended up filing all the books under the wrong barcode !

He thanked the weird intern and returned to his car. He asked the driver to go to Miss Song’s residence. On the way, he even tried to call her on her cell phone. Perhaps.. she had gone home to change into something more appropriate ? But would that take so much time? The intern at the library had said that Miss Song had left at three in the afternoon, she shouldn’t be taking so much time!

But even at her residence, he was unable to trace her. She did not even answer her cell phone.

He was getting irritated as the time to meet his uncle drew closer. He was even a bit embarrassed to meet an elder like this. She had deliberately run away from the meeting!

“ What happened, why does your face look so ugly?” Yao Yonggun asked when they finally met.


“ Really ? Aren’t you in a bad mood because of little Missy ?” Yan Yonggun had still not changed the way he addressed Song Yu Shan. He smiled and looked at his amazed expression. “ Yes, I know you were planning to bring her to dinner with us. But she just called and told me she had an urgent appointment with someone else and heartily apologized for failing to turn up this time. I told her it didn’t matter. We could meet some other day for dinner.”

He looked up. “ Who does she have this urgent appointment with ?”

Yan Yonggun started laughing, “ Why would she tell me that ? Shouldn’t you know ? Do you guys not talk to each other ?”

He kept quiet. After a long time, he admitted unwillingly, “ She .. she really isn’t very communicative.”

Yan Yonggun could not help himself. He started laughing heartily. “ Ah.. this is karma. You finally met someone who would make you feel insecure.”

“ That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t  it?”Xiang Yu murmured helplessly to the old man.

One old and one young man stood silently under the big tree in the backyard, immersed in their own thoughts. The autumn wind was chilly.  The evening had already turned into night .From the Japanese style building in front of them , the delicious aroma of food wafted in. This place had always been the one that was closest to ‘home ‘in his mind. The people residing here were his family. And family members always knew about each other’s good and bad habits. This was something one could neither hide nor  be ashamed of. But right now, he wanted to leave right away and go back to his own house.  Honestly, he wanted to go back and see if Song Yu Shan was back.

He wanted to hold her in his lap and watch TV together. Or work together in the study . She would browse books while sitting next to him, or organise the book case while he worked. He wanted to pamper her in bed, listen to her moans while he ground her to the bed. He wanted to bathe with her, in the shower or in the bath; the result was the same anyway. He wanted to hold her in his arms while he slept, and wake her up in the morning with a kiss on her lips. When the morning was still young, he wanted to make love to her slowly….

When did he get so obsessed with her?

He surreptitiously looked at his watch again.

“ You just looked at the time three minutes ago.  Are you really so anxious?” Yan Yonggun’s face broke into a teasing grin again. He was determined to make fun of him today.

Xiang Yu flushed, and the tip of his ears turned red.


Yan Yonggun sighed, “ Shui Xin was right. She always insisted from the beginning that you like Missy. Otherwise, why would such a headstrong  man agree to remain by her side as a bodyguard?”

“ I am headstrong?” Xiang Yu though he had heard him incorrectly. Who would actually dare to say he was headstrong? “ If you are talking about the past, at that time, It was my duty …”

“ You probably don’t realise it. When you were dating Shui Xin, you refused to accommodate her at all. But with Missy, you were different.”Yang Yonggun shrugged  and continued calmly, “You are indeed a very headstrong child. In work and in life, and even with your own emotions, you want everything to go exactly as you will it.  On the positive side, this makes you a meticulous planner and expert in execution. But on the negative side, you are too demanding. You want to control everything.”

Xiang Yu did not stay for dinner that day. He was so shocked by this statement that he was in a daze. Little Tang wanted to play with him, but he did not respond. Shui Xin invited him to have dinner with him , but he did not respond. Even when Ruiping, that is, little Tang’s father asked him about some investment options, he answered robotically. Finally Uncle Yan could not stand it anymore and sent him home.

As he left, he kept mulling over the question – was he too controlling?

Many years ago, he had decided unilaterally that the best course of action for everyone’s benefit was to resign from his post as Song Yu Shan’s body guard. He knew that decision had broken her heart,and he had done nothing to console her as she had cried. After a few years, he had come back and re-entered her life, becoming her lover. Really, he was a bit overbearing! He remembered how sweet and cute she used to be in the past, always trying her utmost to please him. Now she was all  grown up and had spread her wings. Now Xiang Yu was not the only man in her life, she would walk next to other young men…

Wait a minute! Walk with other men?

Xiang Yu straightened and bent close to the glass window in horror, nearly hitting his forehead on the window pane. The driver was driving the car very close to Song Yu Shan’s residence .From the other end of the alley, a pretty lady , accompanied by a young man walked towards them.

He had never felt jealousy in his entire life. Of course, he didn’t know that what he felt at this moment was jealousy. But this sudden uncomfortable feeling,  as if his stomach was full of acid and the sour taste in his mouth, were the standard feelings of jealousy.

He quickly asked the driver to stop the car. Then he got off the car, slammed the door shut and blocked their approach.

“ Ah… Mr…” The young man and Xiang Yu were almost the same age, and their builds were quite similar. He was fair, and looked gentle. He nodded to Xiang Yu politely, then turned to Song Yu Shan.” I will leave now.”

Song Yu Shan nodded, and waved him goodbye.

Clearly, she had dinner with this man. She was dressed in a simple one piece dress with a thin knit jacket on top. Although the dress was very simple and the color subtle, she still looked beautiful. At this moment, as she looked at him, a touch of red smudged her cheeks. Her eyes were bright and watery and gleamed like amber under the street lights. Lovers with intimate relationships could never resist their attraction towards each other, particularly if one of them was green with jealousy. Once the young man had disappeared, his arms wound around the wicked young woman. Then he lowered his head and nibbled lightly on her naked and seductive shoulder.

“ Ah!”She was shocked and tried to push him away with her hand on his chest. “ Are you a dog? Why do you always bite?”

“ Who is he?” He buried his face in her neck and inhaled her sweet fragrance deeply.

“ You’re hurting me !” she complained, avoiding his question. Then she added, “ You’ll leave marks.. hey !” The poor lady was bitten again, this time on her sensitive earlobe.

“ Who is he? If you don’t tell me , the next time I bite, it will be … here.” His big hand was touching the softness on her chest and pointing towards the tips, deliberately twisting them. She gasped. They were still outside. This was a dark alley , but anyone could come by !

“ Don’t act like this”, she struggled, but was unable to free herself from his strong iron- like embrace. Song Yu Shan glowered at him angrily. Then she picked up his hand and bit him ! One bite! She was really angry and bit him hard. When she released him there were clear tooth marks  on his hand.

“ Who is acting like a dog now?” he smirked. She had bit him so hard, but he seemed to have not felt any pain at all. He clung to the little woman and asked her again, “ Tell me, who was that man?”

“ Mr Jiang”. Her anger was gone after she bit him. She buried her face in his chest , refusing to look up to him.

“ Who is Mr Jiang? Why were you having dinner with him without telling me?” he tightened his arms around her, almost crushing her.

“ He…my grandfather…” Song Yu Shan sighed, “ nothing important really. There’s nothing to say.”

Not important? Nothing to say?

Xiang Yu was trying hard to suppress the urge to murder her!  He had just been told that he was controlling, but this lady had the ability to turn even a saint crazy!

“ You don’t want to tell me?” He lifted her chin and stared coldly at her charming little face, “ I can employ a method to make you tell me everything, believe it or not.”

Song Yu Shan was very clear about the method he was referring to. Her face turned redder.

“ I hate you!” she whispered and his earlier feelings surged back in. He just could not help himself. Temporarily setting aside his  own questions, his mouth engulfed her soft , uncooperative one. His anxiety had brewed over a long time, so this time he could no longer suppress his urges, The two hurried upstairs, entangled in each other. As soon as they entered her flat and closed the door, he pressed Song Yu Shan against the door, quickly disrobing her as he kissed her breathlessly.

“ You won’t tell me?” he gasped. His hard body was pressing against her, and his masculinity was rubbing against her softness,  stirring up familiar feelings in her.

“ He.. he is someone my grandfather sent.. he looks after me..oh!” she bit her lip, trying to suppress her moans. However, he had torn off her knit coat and lifted her dress to her waist, while her pants were now around her ankles. He was rubbing against her, so rude..

“ Just that?”He was so cruel! He was still asking her questions at this moment. “ Or was this a blind date?”

“No…” she squirmed and clung to his wide shoulders , trying to steady herself as her legs weakened with the surge of tides in her body, “ah.. Xiang Yu.. I hate you..”

“ You hate me but like Mr Jiang? You like that sissy?” Xiang Yu asked as he lifted her snow white legs and placed them around his waist. Still clad in trousers, he rubbed his hardness against her secret place which was already wet and lubricated.

Song Yu Shan’s bright eyes were already dyed with lust and she looked at him with a hint of complaint, “ Mr Jiang.. he is just grandfather’s special assistant… he just ensures everything is ok… just to keep an eye on me in case I do something embarrassing or shameful….”

“ You haven’t answered my question. Do you like him?”

A gentle ,kind man? Was that the kind of man she liked?

“ I.. I don’t like him…”Her lust was provoked, but she was not satisfied, the pressure was building up with no release. She was so eager she couldn’t help but moan, the sound delicate and cute. “You are the only man I have ever liked…but..but I know you don’t like me. And someday… you will leave me …”

He froze.

She had been teased so mercilessly and right now all she was focussed on was her release. She clung to his hard body and desperately rubbed against him.  She pleaded in a pitiful voice, “ Please.. please…”

Who could resist such sweet temptation?

Xiang Yu temporarily put aside the confused thoughts in his mind. He picked up his sweetheart and walked towards the bed. He wanted to make love to her with patience and tenderness.

“ Ah!” the sounds of ecstasy quickly filled up the room.

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