Zheng Wei burst out in laughter, “ You’re drunk. You are talking rubbish now!”

“ I am not drunk.”

Ye Zhengchen took a red booklet from his pocket and threw it in the table in front of him, “ I f** ing got married to Yu Yin.”

Zheng Wei ‘s brain was addled and he hurriedly picked up the booklet. The names of Ye Zhengchen and Yu Yin were written in it. The date of registration was yesterday.

“ Crap! What are you doing?”

“ Don’t ask me. I cant say a word.”

“ Why… this is something that will last a lifetime! Even if it is for the country, you cannot sacrifice your whole life this way!”

“ You mean I can’t give my life for my country?”

Ye Zhengchen seemed to mull over those words, then smiled. Then he took the whole bottle of alcohol and directly gulped down the alcohol.

Zheng Wei did not stop him. If he wanted to get drunk, he had every right to do so.

But after drinking only a few moutjfuls, Ye Zhengchen stopped himself. He fumbled and picked up he customised watch. Then he took out his wallet and opened it…but the place where he kept the photo was empty.

“F**! F***!” he couldn’t help but curse.

“ You still can’t let go of her, can you?”

Ye Zhengchen did not answer. He reached out and put his hand in the pocket of his trousers. After a long time, he finally pulled out a Panasonic mobile phone.

He seemed to hesitate for a long time before he turned on the phone. There was a series of sounds, indicating several text messages had arrived. His fingers shook as he opened them one by one.

“ I cooked noodles today, it was so delicious! I cooked an extra portion for you as well.. but you are not here.”

“ The cherry blossoms in the front of my window are yet to bloom. I want them to wait, wait for you so you can  come back and watch them bloom along with me.”

“ The bacteria I was trying to raise are not dead yet. They seem to be strong and alive, probably waiting for you.”

“ I am listening to “Love..””

“ Do you miss me ? Don’t be shy!”

“ A handsome guy asked me to go with him to Tokyo today. If you don’t come back , I am going to run away with him!”

…… ……

Zheng Wei put his hand on Ye Zhengchen’s shoulder and patted it.

“ Come, I will drink with you.”

Zheng Wei opened another bottle and took a big swig from it directly from the bottle. “ Today, drink you sorrow away! Tomorrow, go home and face your wife. Forget everything.”

A long time elapsed as both of them continued to drink. At one point, Zheng Wei asked, “ Tell me, what do you really like about this girl?”

“ Whenever I think of her, I want to know what she is doing, whether she has lost her way, if she is being scolded, if she is hiding in the research room and crying, whether she is thinking of me …”

“ That’s it ?!”

Ye Zhengchen was lying on the sofa and staring at the ceiling. “ I still want to know.. how it feels to make love to her.”

“Don’t tell me … you guys haven’t done the deed yet?”

“ No.”

“ Did you meet only recently?”

“ I have known her for more than six months now, she lives next door to me.”

Zheng Wei banged the table, “ Crap! I don’t believe this!”

…… ……

After drinking throughout the night, Zheng Wei was sleepy. He dozed off and woke up in the afternoon with an enormous headache. He called Ye Zhengchen to ask him how he was coping. But instead, Ye Zengchen immediately requested him to help with Yu Yin’s visa to japan.

“ You’ve figured it all out?” Zheng Wei asked.

“ What other option do I have ? Is it difficult to have an extra marital affair?”

“ My brother, please display some conscience. Yu Yin is not bad. She is beautiful, has a good personality and comes from a good family. More importantly, she is as single minded as you. Anyway, now that you are legally wedded, you have to be responsible for your decision…”

“ I understand. I will.”

Ye Zhengchen, the man who pretended to be a playboy the first day I met was actually carrying so much pain while telling me nothing.

I looked at the sky and for some reason, the stars looked blurred in my vision. Zheng Wei had asked me earlier, “ He had always been a very rational and self-reliant man, What method did you use to make him lose all that self reliance and rationality?”

I had smiled and shaken my head, saying that I had no idea how that had happened. After all, I could hardly tell him that Ye Zhengchen’s self control was not as iron-tight as he thought. That his usual calm demeanour was just a façade. That , in fact, he was just a wolf in disguise in sheep’s clothing.

Zheng Wei sighed and attributed everything to fate.

I agreed. There were more than one billion people in China, but I was the one who ended up living next door to him. In Brother Feng’s words, the time and the conditions had to be exactly aligned for the two of us to be together.

Fortunately, both of us had persisted hard.

As the night deepened, the show became even more exciting. As one program finished amidst thunderous applause, the lights in the hall were extinguished and the music stopped suddenly. The world was quiet.

I was surprised. I wanted to ask Zheng Wei if it was over, when the ceiling slid open. Moonlight shone through the glass covering while the white curtains fluttered in the dark. There was a strange, dreamlike, magical atmosphere in the hall. Vaguely, I could discern the figure of a woman on the stage. A beam of light the stage and a western beauty with long brown hair was standing on the stage. In the bright red tulle dress, her fair skin shone like ivory. Music started to play again and the woman twisted and turned her waist with the music as her legs wrapped around the steel pipe in front of her. The rock music had people screaming and whistling, while some others started clapping.

This was just too much capitalist exuberance!

After a brief shock, my eyes locked immediately on Ye Zhengchen, wondering if this so called upright soldier would ne able to resist the temptation.

But to my surprise, Ye Zhengchen was not watching the performance. Instead, he was looking around him and noticed Zheng Wei’s empty chair. Then he looked around once again, as if searching for something. After looking around for a while, he took out his mobile phone and dialled a number. My phone started ringing. I had no need to look at the display to guess who was calling me.

I picked up the phone and Ye Zhengchen;s voice was anxious over the line, “ Girl, where are you?”

“ I am in the balcony, chatting with Zheng Wei.”

“Chatting?” he looked around again, “ what are you talking about?”

“ Just casual chit chat.”

He finally saw me. He disconnected the call , then got up and walked towards us. The curtain was soon parted, and Ye Zhengchen looked speculatively at Zheng Wei. Then he came closer to me and whispered in a low voice, “ I forgot to tell you that there is a possibility that you may get pregnant just by chatting with him.”

Zheng Wei immediately retorted, “ As a doctor, you need to be responsible in what you say.”

Ye Zhengchen immediately replied back, “ I am serious. I recommend you check it out, you definitely have this ability.”

“ Thank you for your advice.”

“ You are welcome. I might as well give you another suggestion. There is a good show going on inside. I don’t think you should miss it…”

“ What show is that…”

“ You want me to describe it to you?”

Zheng Wei suddenly realised and tapped his forehead, “ I got it!”

I snickered! Even I could understand what Ye Zhengchen was hinting at, why would he not be able to?

Zheng Wei left and Ye Zhengchen put his arms around my waist and forcefully pulled me in his arms.

“ You !” I muttered.

“ Why are you outside?” he held my hand in his and kissed my fingertips, “ You don’t like it here?”

“ Its ok.”

The music was still loud in the hall. I glanced at the stage again, The beauty was now slowly untying her belt. Then she pulled it off, and the tulle was taken off her and thrown to the ground.

I swallowed. “ It’s a bit.. too exciting..”

“ Is it?” His eyes were focussed on me, Then one of the hands on my waist slowly descended downwards, like a feather and brushed across my thighs. I felt soft and weak. Ok, I agree, this … was more exciting.

“ Brother, please behave..” my voice was dry and trembling.

My obvious panic somehow managed to turn him on more. His seductive lips curled up in the most charming smile His hand slowly reached under my skirt and started exploring the inside of my thigh. I shuddered and tried to step back, but my back hit the railing. I looked back. Behind me there were several tall buildings. I dared not go back any further. I would rather by teased by this man than fall from the 36th floor!

At this moment, a tall handsome, western gentleman came up on stage and started participating in the performance. He caught the woman’s hand and pressed her against the steel pipe..

When I saw the man on the stage tie the woman’s hands with a red rope to the steel pipe, I was so scared that I forgot to breath. I felt heat surge through my body as if I was being boiled alive. Ye Zhengchen added fule to the fire as he bent his face and whispered softly, “ Interesting?”

His body was ver hot, and I felt as if a piece of soldering iron had been attached to my body. His breath was hotter, and there was a faint alcoholic scent. As his breath blew over my ears, I felt a familiar itch. I gulped awkwardly. I had lost all my ability to think by now. With my befuddled brain, I said, “ It is fun, let’s go in and watch the show.”

“ I think you are more interesting than the show.”

I beg to differ!

The last beam of light on the stage disappeared. The DJ increased the volume of the music. Under the moonlight in the hall, I could see man people on the dance floor kissing. There were couples on the sofa, kissing and caressing each other with wild abandon…I admit. I was sorely tempted by the scene. My body trembled in excitement, especially when he used his dexterous fingers to rouse a wave of strong desire in my body.

In the darkness, I lost all conscious thought. Involuntarily, I raised my body on tip toes, then clung to his body as I kissed his neck and ears. He held me tighter in his embrace, almost crushing my body against his.

This encouraged me. My hands trailed down his back, down down.. all the way down. I no longer remember wo kissed first. Anyway, we started kissing and the all surrounding light and noise dimmed.

Just when we were on the verge of taking off our clothes, a loud cough interrupted us. We were rudely pulled back to reality. Ye Zhengchen stopped his actions and turned back to look at Zheng Wei. Zheng Wei simply handed over a card. Ye Zhengchen took it and then stared at it.

“ This is a key to the suite downstairs. The number is on the card. Rest assured, the quality is like that of a five star hotel.”

Ye Zhengchen was about to speak when Zheng Wei interrupted him, “ Don’t thank me. I just want to concentrate on drinking and picking up girls..”

Many years later, I would still remember that passionate night on the balcony. But Ye Zhengchen was so drunk he had forgotten all of it!

Later, I had asked him, if Zheng Wei had not arrived with the card, would you have really done it on the balcony?

He answered, “ I don’t even remember how much wine I drank..”

That was the  time I realised how important it was to have a real friend!

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