And the last instalment of the side story. Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did. I know this novel took the longest time to complete. I changed countries, jobs and went through a lot of stuff while the translation was going on. So forgive me for the delays. As usual, do leave your comments ( I love to read them) and if you have the time, a review on NU. For some reason, this novel has attracted a lot of one star reviews so a few more nicer reviews would be ..ummm.. nice ! πŸ˜€ ~ Miumiu

When Ye Zhengchen and I walked into the hall, the striptease performance had just ended. The spotlights flashed off and some soothing music stated.The people on the dancing floor returned to their seats. Apart from Zheng Wei, some other friends of Ye Zhengchen were also quite drunk. One of them, Wu Ge, sat unsteadily and almost slipped down from the leather sofa. But when he spotted Ye Zhengchen coming back, he raised his glass to toast him.

β€œ Where were you? Come and have another drink with us.” The glass swayed in his hand, almost spilling the drink.

β€œ You are already drunk, you cant drink anymore”, Wu Yi advised.

β€œ I am not drunk. How can you say that?”

Ye Zhengchen grabbed the glass from Wu Ge’s hand and put it back on the table. β€œ Wu Ge, you are not drunk but I am.”

β€œ You? Drunk?” his tone was surprised, as if he had just heard of some strange occurrence.

β€œ I can’t drink anymore. You guys continue having fun, I am leaving now.”

β€œ How can you leave? I don’t believe that you are drunk. If you leave now, I will never talk to you again.”

Ye Zhengchen was in a dilemma. Zheng Wei then leaned down and whispered a few words to Wu Ge. Immediately, Wu Ge stood up, β€œ Really?”

Zheng Wei solemnly nodded. Wu Ge smiled mysteriously, then poured some alcohol in a glass and stuffed the glass in my hand. β€œ Come, have a drink with brother.”

Ye Zhengchen immediately took away my glass. Wu Ge wondered aloud, β€œ Did you not just say that you are already drunk? Can you drink another glass?”

β€œ She wont drink this.”

He stood toe to toe with Ye Zhengchen. β€œ This is just white wine. She will not get drunk.”

β€œ It doesn’t matter. I will drink this.” I looked up and took the glass. The wine tasted good, slightly dry but mellow.

β€˜ Are you okay?” Ye Zhenghen looked over me carefully.

β€œ Yup!” It was just that as the wine reached my stomach, I could feel the heat radiate through my limbs. I started feeling a little hot.

β€œ Let’s go”, Ye Zhengchen pulled my hand and started walking. As he passed by Zheng Wei, he looked at him, β€œ Come with me.”

Before we reached the elevator, Ye Zhengchen told him, β€œ Staying here is inconvenient. I am going back to the villa tonight.”

β€œ Villa?” Zheng Wei asked, β€œ Do you mean the one that belongs to your grandfather?”

β€œ Yes, there’s no one living there right now.”

β€œ Do you need me to drive you there ?”

β€œ No. I don’t know the way. I’ll take a cab. This is the address in case you need to look for me.”

β€œ Ok”

The elevator had not arrived yet, so Ye Zhengchen asked him another question, β€œ What did you whisper to Wu Ge?”

β€œ I said…” Zheng Wei lowered his voice, but I was still able to hear him, β€œ You have known each other for four years, but you haven’t yet made it to bed. Tonight is the once in a life time opportunity, you cant wait!”

β€œ What ?!”

β€œ No need to thank me.”

β€œ Why do I have a friend like you?”

β€œ You must have done some good deeds in your earlier life.”

Ye Zhengchen was on the verge of saying something else when the elevator arrived. He pushed me in the elevator and walked in himself. Then suddenly, he remembered something and walked out , β€œ You go down, I need to pick up something from the car.”

I knew what it was. Could a leopard change it’s spots? He had still not forgotten the sexy clothes we had bought at the store.

*** ***

The taxi drove through beautiful scenery, but I had no intention of admiring the view, I just stared at the person in front of me. I didn’t know if the person was too sexy, or if the alcohol in my body was bringing these thoughts to the fore. My thoughts were becoming more and more chaotic. An inexplicable wave of desire rose in my body. In reaction, my Β hands tightened around his waist, and crept along his back, stroking his strong muscles.

Ye Zhengchen inhaled sharply, cleared his throat and caught my hand, imprisoning it within the palms of his hand. I used my other hand to stroke his thighs. He moved farther away from me .

β€œ What did Zheng Wei tell you ?”

β€œ Just stuff about when you were young.”

β€œ Anything else?”

I lifted my gaze to his face in silence. He looked slightly drunk, but I liked to see his face, even in the dim light. I would never grow tired of it.

β€œ He told me he was the one who arrested Zhong Tian and he was also the one who gave me the room key.”

His fingers tightened around my hand suddenly, causing a sharp pain.

β€œ You are still thinking about him!”

I sensed a strong feeling of jealousy, and was scared this would blow up any time on me. Seeing that I had decided to keep mum, he turned around to look at me and sighed.

β€œAre you jealous?”, I pulled his sleeve. β€œ I thought people who were experts in psychology like you never get jealous.” Then I added. β€œ I have always seen him as my brother. I have never liked him as anything else.”

β€œ Brother? Why would you promise to marry your brother?”

β€œ Then why did you marry Yu Yin? Were you in love with her ?”

Ye Zhengchen suddenly turned, pressed me to the back of the seat and kissed me . I did not resist. Instead, I looked at him steadily, hoping he could see the emotion in my eyes.

He kissed me hard, almost punishing me with his tongue and teeth. The kiss lasted for a long time, till I felt like I would suffocate and die. As he sensed my unease, he let go of me and laughed.

I laughed with him, then wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered, β€œ Brother, I miss you…”

…… ……

It was a short distance, but I felt like I had been waiting for a thousand years.

When the driver stopped, Ye Zhengchen looked at the meter and dropped two hundred dollars. β€œ I don’t need the change”, he muttered as he pulled me out of the car. In front of the gate, he pressed a series of numbers. The door automatically opened and the villa was instantly lit up.

I looked around curiously. β€œ Fully automatic?”

β€œ Infrared sensors.”

As he walked into the villa, my nose caught the subtle fragrance of sandal wood. The villa was elegantly decorated with Chinese landscape paintings hanging on the walls.

It felt like we had crossed over and reached an ancient era. Before I had the time to fully appreciate my surroundings, Ye Zhengchen pressed me against the wall and his tongue was in my mouth. He started kissing me aggressively, as if he wanted to swallow the whole of my person.

The flames of desire burst in my body, and I fell headlong in this smouldering fire of lust and desire..

Before I could reach for his buttons, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it behind us. My clothes followed in quick succession. In an instant, the tidy villa was littered with clothes. His shirt and jacket were on the sofa, the belt was on the stair well, my dress was dropped in the corridor leading to the bedroom. By the time he pressed my body on the dark green sheets, there was nothing between us.

There was a strange numbing feeling over my body as I held him. I felt as if my soul had left me, but every inch of muscle was flexing in excitement.

At this moment, all I wanted to ask the heavens forΒ  was to allow meΒ  hold on to him like this forever.

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  1. Thank you, it was amazing story, though the twist of him being married almost got me a heartattack. I really appreaciate your work on it. πŸ™‚


  2. I really appreciated your hard work MiuMiu for translating this good novel till the end. Really one of my favorites❀️waiting for your new translation. Thank u very much!

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  4. thank you for your translation.. i really really love this novel 😍

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