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Chapter 31 – Someone shows up


Zhong Yuan finally had a change of heart and decided to stop torturing me for the last half of the summer vacation. He flew back to Shanghai.I had heard that his parents were abroad, and only his grand father was living in Shanghai.

I didn’t idle for the rest of the month. Instead I went back to school and attended the welcome ceremony for new students.As a young woman who loved parties and the opportunity to serve people, I could not be as selfish as Zhong Yuan.

The orientation was quite successful, and the new students were quite friendly. The only fly in the ointment was that people always guessed my gender incorrectly. When a group of girls around me screamed,  “Brother, you are so cute”, I was dumbfounded.

My hair was now about five centimetres long. Because it was soft, I combed it down instead of it sticking up like a prickly pear. Although I looked better, but my hair was still very short, with small bangs. I looked at myself in the mirror. Sometimes even I had the illusion that the face in the mirror was that of a boy. Moreover, the uniform we were issue included a loose t shirt. My model ‘max A cup” had no advantage in this kind of clothing. It was easy for people to ignore it when they saw it.

After a few days, I was numbed to people calling me ‘brother’. I was able to calmly face their remarks. When someone waved and told me, “ this brother is really handsome”, I usually smiled calmly and said “ thank you” to them.


But when someone identified my gender correctly, I was so moved that I was almost in tears.

I had just gone to the girls dormitory that day. When I walked back to the campus, I was feeling hot and tired. So I used Zhong Yuan’s card to buy myself a box of cold iced yoghurt and was drinking it. 

When I passed a blue sports car, I was a bit surprised. I didn’t know who was so connected  as to be able to bring a car to the campus  area. I wanted to point out to the sign that said, “ No cars allowed.”

As I was thinking about it, I saw the door opening and stopped. Someone came down from the car. As I saw this person, I suddenly had a feeling of empathy.

This was because his hair was very short, cut very close to his scalp. This reminded me of myself a few months ago, and my eyes were a bit damp.

The man walked with long legs towards me. Then he stood still, smiled in a friendly manner and asked me, “ Excuse me Madam, could you direct me to where the new students are supposed to report?”

I looked at him , dumbfounded, and didn’t speak.

He was quite surprised, “ Sister? Teacher?”

“Oh,” I gulped and and asked him with surprise . “How did you realise I was a woman at a glance?”

He snorted and immediately answered with a smile: “My eyes are good at discovering beautiful women.”

This sentence made me very happy , so I decided to take him to the scene personally.

He turned and pulled out a suitcase from the car. He started dragging the suitcase as he followed me. I was a bit surprised. As we walked, I asked him. “If you can drive a car till here, why don’t you know where you need to report?”

He frowned and replied: “I wanted to get rid of the guy in the car.”

I didn’t  understand, “The guy in the car?”

He explained: “The driver.”

I turned to look at his sports car again. I really could not spot another person inside.

He murmured wryly: “What do you think of my car?”

I nodded my head and said: “Awesome.”

He smiled and said: “What did you like about it ?”

“Oh,” I scratched my head. “It’s very big.”

He was clearly not expecting this answer and looked dumbfounded. Actually, I knew nothing about cars !

He said softly, “ You’re very special.”

I groaned and decided to ignore the comment, “If you don’t like your driver, why did you bring him with you ?”

He wrinkled his brows and after a bit of silence, he replied, “ I don’t have a driver’s license.”

Oh, I understood  in an instant. It guessed that he was not yet 18 years old. So I smiled in a very condescending manner  and didn’t say anything more 

He was a little dissatisfied and said in a hurry: “I can still take the test in a month.”

I nodded affectionately. “Child, congratulations.”

He seemed even more dissatisfied. “I am not a child…Anyway , my name is Su Yan, what is your name?”

“ My name is Mu er.”

“Mu er?”, he furrowed his brows and looked at me, “ Mu er, do you have a boyfriend?”

I almost choked on the yoghurt, “ Cough, cough.. you should call me big sister.”

Su Yan persisted, “ Mu er.”

I said again, “ Call me big Sister.”

Su Yan: “ Mu er.”

I was speechless.

Ok, Mu er it was then. People even call me blockhead. Actually, I’m quite forgiving. 

Su Yan realised that I had given in to his persistence and repeated his earlier question, “ Mu er, do you have a boyfriend ?”

 I was powerless. I scratched my head and replied, “ Everyone else says so, but actually I don’t,”

His tone turned gentler, “What do you mean?”

I asked him: “Why so you want to know ?”  We had just met, and he was already asking me details about my boyfriend, this was really too much.


He looked at me straight and clearly said , “I want to court you.”


I almost fell down. I took a step back and stared at him,” Hey, how long have you known me?”

Su Yan looked at his watch , “ Ten minutes.”

Wow, he wanted to date me after having known me only for ten minutes! I sighed to acknowledge how deadly my charm was. Or should I worry that I had come across a madman?

Thinking of the person in front of me as someone who was like a younger brother and needed my care, I did not want to bully him. So I asked him gently, “ Why do you want to court me?”

He looked at me innocently, “ Why does anyone want to go after a girl?”


I was speechless.


Finally I realised that the two of us were not even on the same planet. No, it would be better to say that he wasn’t even in the same solar system. I rubbed my forehead and sighed, “ Have you ever gone after a girl before?”

“No”, he shook his head.

I was relieved. He seemed to be a simpleton and did not know the ways of the world.

Then he added, “ Usually the girls come after me.”

I was lost for words again.

I probed further, “ And did you go out with them?”

He nodded. “ If they were pretty, then I would agree.”

I was speechless again. Sure enough, guys are always after pretty girls. “ How many girlfriends have you had before ?”

He thought for a while and then replied with obvious distress,” I’ve never counted.”


I grabbed my hair in frustration and scolded him,” Then don’t come  after me. You’ve been chased by countless beautiful women, my small, handsome brother.”

He wasn’t scared by my words. He solemnly said, “ But when I saw you, I wanted to date you.”

I didn’t know what to say.

I suppressed the blood rising in my throat and talked to him like an arrogant adult, “ Child, you should chase someone only when you like her, understand ?”

“ I am not a child,” he said, shaking his head stubbornly, “ So, I want to chase you. That means I like you?”


I was speechless. This little brother really knew how to twist my words. Right now, I had a strong impulse to walk way. This little handsome guy really made me feel like vomiting blood. No way am I hanging around him.

He suddenly reached out and pulled my hand. With a sincere look on his face, he said, “ Mu er, please take me to the place I need to report to. I really don’t know the way. “

When he said it like this, I felt a bit narrow minded. May be this younger brother was just speaking casually. How could I abandon him just because of this ? That wasn’t right. Thinking of that, I waved away the unhealthy thoughts in my head and took him straight to the office. Of course,I didn’t forget to remove my hand from his grip. I didn’t want to face any jokes from my cheap sisters.

I figured that my hard work was done. But I didn’t expect him to ask me to help him buy stuff he would need, including a pair of socks.When we were mid way, his driver walked up to us. Taking my hand, he ran away like a criminal. Thinking of that later, I was very depressed. He was running away, why did I have to follow him?

In the evening, the younger brother was deeply impressed with my dedication. I asked for a meal, and he treated me to a delicious one. I was despising myself, why did I need to lose my temper earlier ?

When he walked back with me to the dormitory in the evening  and sent me off, he said something that made my blood boil.

He said, “ Mu er, I am very satisfied with today’s date.”

I realised this younger brother was a wolf in the garb of a sweet, innocent sheep.



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