Ch 32 – Why do humans mess up?

In the following days, Su Yan caused me continuous headaches. He often appeared in front of me. Sometimes he would get me a flower. The thing I most hated was when I was a hurry to get rid of him, he would look at me with innocent eyes like a white rabbit, making me feel guilty.

Moreover , this super efficient younger brother still managed to obtain my mobile number. 

When I came to know about it , I was indignant , but by that time , the die was cast. I asked him more than once why he likes me. Every time I asked him, he would start thinking. Finally , he replied “ I don’t know. When I see you , my heart beats faster. I always want to be together with you.”

Li’l second and Boss finally returned to school. They saw me entangled with younger brother. The two joined forces to drag me back to the dormitory and fiercely criticised me. They lectured me on everything from ideological consciousness to communism. After a comprehensive analysis, I finally came to the conclusion that the message was as follows – Block head , you dare provoke Zhong Yuan by seducing younger Brother, are you tired of living ?

I was squashed in one corner, crying and laughing at the same time – how is this my fault ?

Lil second looked at me with no sympathy and laughed evilly , “ Don’t cry! If you don’t tell Zhong Yuan everything about younger brother , see what happens to you!”

I wiped the sweat from my forehead. On my face , I still maintained a sad expression , but in my heart I was already thinking of a plan… this wasn’t a bad idea …

A few days later Su Yan found me and solemnly told me, “ I thought about it. This must be the legendary love at first sight.”

“Oh!” I answered flippantly and walked past him.

Su Yan pulled my wrist from behind and spoke out in a hurt voice, “ Mu er, you give me a better response.”

“Okay”, I said and removed my hand from his grip. Then I knocked twice on head and ran away as fast as I could.

Today Zhong Yuan was returning to B city. I had to pick him up at the airport. If I were late, only god knew what new and novel methods of torture he would invent.

Zhong Yuan dragged his fantastic suitcase towards me with a smile. He raised his hand to rub the top of my head and asked me, “Missed me?”

I leaned over to avoid his eyes, “ I thought about you.”

Zhong Yuan smiled, “ You don’t have to tell me the details.” He seemed to be in a good mood.

I looked at him and an idea suddenly flashed in my head. Zhong Yuan wasn’t really my boyfriend, but everyone believed it to be so. If everyone believed it then…

If Su Yan believed Zhong Yuan was my boyfriend, then would my world  return to a harmonious state ? I was a genius, I had found out such a despicable way. Well, if I spent day and night with a treacherous person, I was bound to get infected.

As I thought about it, I couldn’t help but smile and stared at Zhong Yuan. In a rare display of embarrassment, Zhong Yuan shrunk his shoulders, then leaned down to speak to me softly.” Mu er, please don’t look at me as if I am some kind of food.”

I coughed twice and spoke,” Zhong Yuan, I need a favour.”

Zhong Yuan casually asked, “ What is it ?”

I smoothed my damp palms over my dress and said, “ Can you…can you.. pretend to be my boyfriend?”

Zhong Yuan suddenly stopped and turned to look at me. His  eyes were black and bright and his gaze was deep, with an unknown emotion reflecting from within. I felt a little uncomfortable under his stare and said, “ If you don’t want to, then I’ll find someone else.”

“ Someone else?”, Zhong Yuan repeated softly, his voice chilling. He leaned forward so that his face was very close to me. His eyes were half closed, and his expression was relaxed. But there was a light in his eyes which told me that he was in a dangerous mood. He raised the corners of his mouth in a slight smile and asked me, “ Who would you ask next ?”

I felt a chill pass through my body. I shrank back and said, “ I haven’t thought of anyone yet.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyes and stared straight at me.

I had to appease him . I said , “ I can’t find anyone else. You are so handsome, and your aura is very strong. So of course , the best option is for you to play my boyfriend.” 

Actually, the main reason was that if I wanted to persuade a human scourge, I needed to use another human scourge.

As I had predicted, Zhong Yuan’s mood immediately improved as soon as he heard my praise. His expression became more comfortable and friendly. He straightened up and lifted his chin slightly, giving the impression of a jade tree. Then , rather immodestly and brazenly he asked, “ So I’m your best option ?”

“ Yes, I’ve never seen anyone as handsome as you.”

Zhong Yuan glanced at my head with satisfaction and said, “ Ok, I promise I’ll be your boyfriend.”

I swore silently and corrected him,” No, no, we will just be pretending.”

“ Why are you talking so much nonsense”, Zhong  Yuan said. Then he took my hand in his.

I tried to pull my hand back,” What are you doing Zhong Yuan?”

He looked at me in confusion. His eyes seemed to convey a message like ‘isn’t it obvious?’ He said, “ Isn’t it normal to hold hands between a boyfriend and girlfriend? What do you think I am doing?”

I wanted to cry without tears, “ We don’t need it here…”  We could perform when we saw Su Yan.

Zhong Yuan glared at my hand but refused to let go. He raised his head and said, “ Let’s practice first. I have never been anyone’s boyfriend. I’m not very skilled at this. “

When I thought about it, what he said seemed to make sense. I haven’t been in love either. We needed to adapt, and we needed to put up a realistic performance. So I held his hand as well. Needless to say, there was a bit of tension in my heart.

Zhong Yuan did not speak anymore. Holding my hand, he walked leisurely towards the exit. 

I really never understood why things always developed beyond my expectations. And why such developments always seemed so rational on hindsight.

Miumiu – ha ha I like how ZY says he will be her boyfriend. When all she wants is pretend…😊


33 thoughts on “IYDGTH – Ch 32.1

  1. Hahaha, she’s asked for “pretend bf-gf status” but in ZY’s mind, he most likely thinks they are already at the actual stage. You idiot Muer. Thanks for this chapter Miumiu!

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    1. You’re absolutely right. ZY is already at that stage and everybody wise realises that. That’s why boss and lil second were beating up Mu er fir two timing him. She is the only one who’s still totally clueless


    1. I think the best way if you go to novel updates and see what is recommended there with this novel. I don’t normally read fluffy stories but something similar is ambiguous relationship which I really enjoyed


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