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Chapter 9.2

“Hmm…” The sounds of someone moaning softly could be heard in the elegant room. Earlier, this room had a strong masculine character. There was almost no decoration and the style of the furniture was utilitarian rather than aesthetic. But the skilful touch of a woman was now evident in the decor. There were floor lamps and leather chairs placed on the log floor. The large bed was covered by indigo blue Egyptian cotton sheets with a subtle silver pattern. On the whole, the effect was cosy and comfortable.

The beautiful sheets were now rumpled while a quilt of the same colour had fallen on the floor by the bedside. On the bed lay a snow white body, her waist being tightly hugged. The fine body of a lightly tanned man was pressed against the snow white body, their limbs intertwined.

Song Yu Shan was not quite sure how she had ended up like this. She had deliberately escaped every time , but this cold faced man was able to catch her always. Once he caught her, he would take her to bed. She could never escape him for long no matter how hard she tried.

“Ah.. don’t.. be gentle..”, her pleas went unheard as the offender became more and more fierce.

” Will you try to run away again? Do you think you can hide from me?” The hoarse male voice was both angry and lustful. His big hands roamed freely over her body. His touch was heavy but gave rise to such feelings in her that she twisted and turned to escape those knowing hands. In particular, when he kneaded her breasts and pinched the peaks, she moaned loudly as strong sensations coursed through her body.

“Oh, oh!” She almost could not stand such fierce aggression. Song Yu Shan felt as of she was about to explode, the raging tide in her body was rising, rising…and then she was thrown into bliss.  In the extreme moment, her body started to quiver. Surrounded by warmth of her body, he could feel it when her body started contracting and that drove him to the peak of his own ecstasy.

” Ah!” At that moment, the world seemed to have stopped rotating on its axis. Both of them were thrown into the clouds, then they landed heavily on earth.

He pressed his full weight against her body as he gasped for breath. He could feel her soft body still quivering  as he savoured the aftertaste of his climax. After a while, he awoke from his stupor to hear her protesting softly. He grinned and lightly bit the shell of her ear.

” Get off .. you are too heavy”, her faint voice whispered pleadingly.

” I don’t want to. I want you under me like this. Its best to stick to my bed forever.”

” I am not.. I dont”. She could not think up a retort to such a ridiculous command and gave up.

” Whatever, I can’t breathe like this…” she said after some time.

He smiled gently and rolled off her. But before she could escape, he immediately stretched his arms , caught her waist and dragged her body over his. Forced to lie on his hard body, Song Yu Shan blushed fiercely. But the satiated expression on her face now changed to unhappiness.

” Please let me go. I need a shower.”

” I don’t want to talk right now”, he said resolutely, ” hold on for a bit and we can shower together.”

Every time, every single time after they made love, Song Yu Shan would always immediately go for a shower or sneak out of bed pretending  she was tired. Then, without a word, she would quickly disappear from his house.

Why would she never lie in his arms, chat a little and then sleep? Xiang Yu wondered gloomily what she thought of him . Was he a gigolo? A sex toy? Napkins – to be used and then discarded?  He had a strong suspicion she would disappear like the heroines in melodramatic movies if she hadn’t a full time job. And he would be the pitiful male protagonist, searching high and low for her. Thankfully, she needed to be at work. Office workers could not afford such disappearances.

This was an ongoing game between the two of them. Every day, he needed to go after her. He would always need to ‘capture’ the escapee  in either her residence or her library. It felt as if he had done her some ghastly misdeed which made her hide from him. Even the driver was well aware of this daily routine. The minute Xiang Yu would sit in the car at the day’s end, he would ask him, “Library, or Miss Song’s house?”

He was already exhausted after doing this every single day. More than once, he had asked Song Yu Shan to move in with him , but she had refused upfront. In the past, she was always clinging to him and he had to find ways and means of getting away from her. But now? He wanted her to cling to him but she was no longer interested.

” Why don’t you move in ?” he asked again as his hands roamed over her silky skin.

Although they had done it twice tonight, although he almost never let her escape at night, he was still fascinated with her. He was always touching her, moving his hands across the silky softness of her body. He was unable to restrain himself. What he had said earlier was the truth. He genuinely wanted her in his bed, locked in his arms for the rest of their lives.

“It’s too far from the library, and I am used to living by myself.”

Her little hand was pressed against his chest and her face was buried in his neck as she answered sullenly.

” I can ask the driver to drop you and pick you up everyday.” Xiang Yu did not believe her rationale. ” This place is much bigger than your home. You chose everything here, so you must like it! It’s not a big hassle for you to move in. I can find someone who can help you to move in if that’s a problem.”

” No…”

” And I don’t like where you live. It’s very unsafe. You don’t have a security system and there are no guards at the front door. Even the library is quite unsafe, especially when you work on holidays or after hours. You don’t even lock the door! Are you not scared? Are you not scared of  criminals now? Not worried someone will leave bloody beef on your table with a knife sticking out of it?” He suddenly remembered the incident that had scared her a few years ago and decided to use that as an intimidation tactic to make her see reason.

It was also this event that had pulled them together. This is when he had started to care for her , although he had been unwilling to admit that, even to himself at that time.

Song Yu Shan knew this and her body stiffened in his arms.

After a long silence, she opened her mouth again.

” Did you know there were no actual criminals in this story?”

” What do you mean?” Was she too tired to make sense?

” There were no criminals. Or should I say the people committing the bad deeds were not the ones we imagined?” , she answered faintly. ” Those intimidation incidents.. in fact.. were the handiwork of my mother and her boyfriend. They hired some thugs to do this. That’s why they knew all the passwords for the alarm system and  at what times the house would be unoccupied. My mother fed them all the information.”

Xiang Yu was shocked. He was not a person who was easily taken aback, but at this moment, even he was having trouble comprehending what she was saying.

” You.. when did you find out?” he asked as his arms subconsciously tightened around her body.

” I had a vague suspicion in the beginning”, she smiled sadly, ” my mom is not a very secretive person. When she spoke on the phone, she usually never noticed if I was around. She probably thought I was too young to understand what was going on. Or maybe she just didn’t care.”

” If everyone knew what was going on, why didn’t anyone say so in the beginning”? Xiang Yu was still finding this entire story difficult to believe. He had been kept in the dark for so long!

“Why would your mother do this?”

” It’s not exactly something we would want other people to know. I was worried that the police would arrest my mother if they found out.” She smiled sadly again. ” My grandfather was worried about the repercussions if this was made public, so he simply hired 24 hour protection for me. As for why my mother did that, she loves creating trouble. She thought this would force my dad to divorce her.”

” To get a divorce..”

” Yes, it’s a bit of an overkill, right?” she said almost apologetically.” ” My mother is very headstrong. Everyone tells me I am exactly like her in this respect.”

Yes, her mother was really headstrong and self indulgent. But Song Yu Shan was wrong. She was nothing like her mother. There were many kinds of headstrong people and Song Yu Shan was the type that never harmed another person. Nor was she the type that steam rolled over others without blinking an eye just to achieve their own objectives.

And now , she was being punished for something which was not her fault. Yet, she never complained or blamed anyone.

A strong feeling of distress rose in Xiang Yu’s heart.

” She is just too selfish. This was her own business. There was no need to get you involved.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her tighter, almost as if he wanted to meld her body with his.

” Come on. You can’t really deny that mothers  would pass on such traits to their daughters”. Atleast all her friends and relatives, and even some people she did not know had the same opinion. Song Yu Shan continued, ” I am sure even you feel that I am annoying, very annoying, a bit too much?”

He frowned.

They were still clinging to each other in the nude. He could never keep his hands to himself when they were alone,  always  touching  her silky soft body. He seized every opportunity to seduce, lure and tease her and never held back his enthusiasm as he made love to her over and over again. And she saw all of this as him being annoyed with her?

” Does this feel like I am annoyed with you?” he asked as he slid his hand over her sensitive waist and then held her deliberately closer so she could feel the change in his lower body.

” Ah… I hate this”, her sad voice turned into a cute and soft voice. Biting her lips seductively, she looked at him, ” Don’t.. I really need to shower..”

” Sure! I will help you”. He stood up, then bent over to pulled her in his arms. Then, carrying her, he strode towards the bathroom.

“No! Every time you say so.. oh! Don’t. I will shower by myself.. um…”

The soft voice disappeared behind the bathroom door. Soon, passionate moans could be heard over the sounds of the shower. Song Yu Shan had no ability to discourage him . Very quickly, she was pushed to the peak of passion.

Ofcourse, she had not resisted seriously. In fact, she enjoyed the act of making love as much as he did. She enjoyed the sweet feeling of being pampered, being cared for and even his fierce aggression when he occupied her.

But deep down, she harboured a fear that she was the only one who could take responsibility of herself. She knew he was with her only because he pitied her misfortune. But one day he would leave. And her world would become grey and colourless once again.

Just like last time. And after so many years, she was no longer sure she would be able to endure it a second time.

Ah! I really feel sorry for SYS!

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