Part 2

I knew I would encounter Su Yan while I was with Zhong Yuan, but I never realised we would meet so soon.

When Zhong Yuan and I returned to school, I shamelessly used his meal card to buy a lot of items in the school canteen. Zhong Yuan was in a good mood and did not make any comments. But in the cafeteria, we met a person I wasn’t too keen to see at that moment

Su Yan was holding a knife and cutting something on a plate. I could not see what it was. The scene reminded me of the Chinese punishment – death by a thousand cuts. I hid behind Zhong Yuan trying to avoid him. But of course, he saw me. Su Yan dropped the knife and ran towards me. He smiled and waved at me and softly called out, “Mu er”

I pulled Zhong Yuan in front of me and blocked his advance. Zhong Yuan had a cold expression on his face but politely reached out his hand and said, “ Hello, I am Mu er’s boyfriend, Zhong Yuan.”

Su Yan held out his hand. “Hello, I am the future boyfriend of Muer, Su Yan.”




The two of them continued to look at each other affectionately. The both held on to the other’s hand as if reluctant to let go. I suddenly realised that Zhong Yuan and Su Yan made quite a good couple. In this posture, they looked like a harmonious couple. I could not help but take two steps back. I put my hand under my chin and sighed, “ You two look so good together.”

They immediately let go of each other’s hand as if struck by lightning.

Su Yan glanced at me and said to Zhong Yuan, “ Would you like to have lunch together?”

Zhong Yuan clamped on to my hand tightly and replied, “ I don’t mind.”

I was a bit surprised. Zhong Yuan was not the kind of person who liked too much extravagance. So we started to eat, but there was a palpable stress in the table and I was feeling it.

Su Yan put some food in my bowl. “ Mu er, thank you for your enthusiastic care in the past few days.”

When did I appear enthusiastic? It’s only because I was unable to hide too quickly..


Zhong Yuan seemed to be interested in this topic. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “ Oh? How did she take care of you?”


Su Yan replied: “She took the initiative to take me to office where I needed to register as a new student, she helped me buy some necessary items, she took me to dinner and introduced all her friends to me.” He said all this while looking at me. At the end of the sentence he smiled shyly, “She also boasted about me and called me handsome.”




Why were these true facts, when coming out of his mouth, sounding so strange to me? Moreover, when I listened to him say these, I was feeling incredibly guilty!

Zhong Yuan calmly placed a chicken wing in my bowl and covered the bowl where Su Yan had just placed some food. He looked at me like he was looking at a pet. “ My family’s Mu Er is very enthusiastic in helping others, but is misunderstood by other people. She has often been upset about this.”

I poked Zhong Yuan under the table. He was doing a good job!

Zhong Yuan took the opportunity to hold my hand and squeeze it. He raised his eyes and looked at me with a smile. I blushed. Zhong Yuan was too dedicated, and the more we acted, the more realistic he was becoming…

Su Yan looked at the interaction between us and suddenly said, “ You two don’t need to act in front of me.”


Su Yan continued, “ I can see Mu er does not like you.”

I had to admire this guy. This little teacher looked lost sometimes, but what he said was always so sharp and on point. If any ordinary person had heard this, they would have been flustered. But this was Zhong Yuan, a powerful personality!

When he heard what Su Yan said, he suddenly pulled me in his arms. Since this was sudden, I struggled reflexively, waving my hands like a windmill and knocking away a plate on the table. The loud noise made everyone turn to look at us. Their gazes were focussed and unwavering..

Considering the fact that I was being confused with a boy in the last few days, I could understand the horror and the fierceness in their eyes, In public, a handsome guy hugging another handsome guy ( in fact a beautiful lady, thank you…) while being observed by a third handsome guy was a very interesting scenery. I had already noticed someone taking snaps of us surreptitiously. I buried my face in the arms of Zhong Yuan, leaving the photographer to take enthusiastic snaps of my back

Zhong Yuan lifted my chin and kissed me on my forehead. His scent surrounded me and my heart was jumping. Then Zhong Yuan looked up and looked at Su Yan with a provocative attitude. “Would you like us to kiss in public?”

Feeling that Zhong Yuan’s words seemed too shameless, I blushed and surreptitiously raised my head to peek at Su Yan. His face looked very gloomy, as if he could brew a thunderstorm at any time. He stared straight at me but didn’t talk.

“Cough,” I suppressed my jumping heart and wrapped my hands around Zhong Yuan’s neck. “I really like him.” After that, I looked up at Zhong Yuan with deep affection. Inside, I could feel my stomach roiling with anxiety.

Su Yan stood up and and walked away without looking back.

I tried to sit back now that the acting was over. But Zhong Yuan was still holding me and refused to relinquish his hold. As a result, I could not move.

Annoyed, I cried out, “ Hey, he has already left!”

Zhong Yuan continued to hold on to me , “ There are people who are still taking pictures. Don’t you want to play this game realistically?”

I thought about it. He was right. If we separated immediately, the crowd will immediately snap those pictures. If Su Yan saw those pictures, he would know the truth. So I resigned myself to staying in his arms as I groaned inward. But I still found it miraculous that Zhong Yuan was co operating with me so thoroughly even when people were snapping pictures. I looked at him thoughtfully.

“Is he so handsome?” Zhong Yuan whispered in my ears. For a moment, I was confused, “ What?”

Zhong yuan repeated his question with enthusiasm , “ Is Su Yan very handsome?”

A chill swept through my body. Like a loyal dog, I responded, “ No, you are.” Zhong Yuan’s arms tightened around me, “ I already know that.”

I sighed. Can you possibly be any more narcisstic?

After some time, I asked Zhong Yuan, “ Can you let me go now?”


Zhong Yuan: “No.”




I felt that Zhong Yuan was acting a bit strange today, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was different with him today.



With the new semester, while I still had to attend the unfortunate professional courses and the lab classes, my life was otherwise quite comfortable. Although Su Yan continued to cling on to me, whenever he came, I used Zhong Yuan to block his attentions, Then I showed my love to Zhong Yuan. Everything was continuing to proceed smoothly.

As for Zhong Yuan’s elective course,  I continued to help him with his homework and endure his torture. But as Zi yan had said, when the world is beautiful, there will be people who will want to destroy it.

That turned out to be true, but the destructive person in this case turned out to be Li’l second.

On the verge of the national day holidays, Li’l second started to chase people with some sort of printed matter in hand. At first, I thought this was some important study material, but it turned out that I had over estimated her wisdom. When I took the thick file from her hand, I was dumbstruck! The file turned out be a screenplay. And that was not the key point. The key point here was that it was a script for a movie based on a gay couple’s love.

I looked over the script with a growing awkwardness and sighed, “ Li’l Second, you wrote a beautiful novel , but you cant forget the netizens. How can you make a script that will offend the senses of many people? Besides, even if you write this, who would be willing to shoot such a film?”

Li’l Second answered with full confidence, “ Don’t worry. This is my first movie, and I have written the script. I showed the script to the vice president of the film club and she was very happy with it. I just need the right actors and I can start shooting immediately.”

I grabbed my hair, “ The vice president of the film club ? You mean Xiao Jie?” I had met Xiao Jie at the environment protection club, and we had a warm friendship. I had heard that she had participated in the film club election last year. It looked like her campaign had succeeded and she had won the post of vice president.

“ Bingo!” Li’l second patted my head then looked at the distance. “ Just imagine! A university campus full of energy and passion , a beautiful boy suddenly appears in the scene. This is the beginning. This is just so exciting!”

I rubbed my arms to get rid of the goose bumps and said, “ It’s a horrible scene to imagine.” Forgive me. But I could accept one beautiful boy, not two together.

Li’l second knocked me on the head and said, “ You are so boring!”

Well if this was her definition of fun, I would never understand.  Li’l second criticised me for a while, then lifted my chin in contemplation.

“ As a screenwriter and director, I have the responsibility and obligation to choose a few beautiful actors for the director. But there aren’t that many beautiful men on hand. Actually, the ideal combination would be Lu Zijian and Zhong Yuan, but Miss Fourth has already beaten me up for even suggesting this. It seems we cant have Lu Zi Jian, but I am still hoping for Zhong Yuan to co operate. In other words, block head, I am going to invite Zhong Yuan to join this movie. Do you have any objections?”

“Me?” I shook my head, “ I don’t have any objections, but I’m pretty sure Zhong Yuan will not agree.”

Li’l Second looked at me tearfully, “ Can you help me convince him?”

I took a step back. “ I was just kidding.” I knew what kind of person Zhong Yuan was. If he didn’t want to do something, there was no way I could persuade him.

Li’l Second scrunched her brows. “ What should I do? We don’t have that many handsome men. And even they are not willing to participate. My ambitions will die like this..”

I wiped my sweat. Li’l second , did you have to use the word ‘ambition’ for a BL movie…

Li’l second paced back and forth in the dormitory. Suddenly, she looked up and stared at me with widened eyes. Very solemnly, she asked, “ Blockhead, are you willing to star in my movie?”

I was a little confused by the question, “ But don’t you need a guy?” If she needed a girl, I thought I would agree..

Li’l second looked at me seriously. “ It doesn’t matter. You can play the submissive guy.”

I was speechless. Li’l second, you are too imaginative!

Li’l Second became more and more enthusiastic. She started talking to herself like a madman. “ So I already have one. Is the other actor too far away? Ha ha…”

I wiped my sweat, “ Li’l Second, do I have the option of turning down this offer?”

Li’l second said, “ No!”

I persisted, “ But…”

Li’l Second didn’t even allow me to finish. “ I wont hear anything! If you don’t participate, this means you don’t support me. If you don’t support my movie, it will destroy my ambitions. This is not only disloyalty, I will die.. and nobody will be able to save me.”

I could not help but nod, “ Ok. I promise I will participate.”

I had never thought that would act in a movie in this lifetime. Moreover, I had never imagined that my very first role would be that of a man. It was challenging to play a man. Life really sucked!

So Li’l second jumped in enthusiasm , and I messed up my life bigtime


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  1. I understand you’re trying to stop the bots but this half release and then going back to doing the full chapter thing is killing my ability to know when anything is updated. Novelupdate is turning almost useless thanks to the system you have in place.

    I really like this story but this release method is too confusing. I may simply wait until you’ve properly released a huge amount of chapters properly before coming back. I can’t be the only person thinking this way. If you confuse the bots but also confuse your readers until they don’t want to come either, you’ve essentially punished the people who are doing things correctly in your effort to get rid of the rule breakers.

    Is it worth it?


    1. I totally understand your view. But I don’t translate for money . I love the interactions with my readers. If people are going to read on aggregator sites I would rather not translate. So to me it is worth trying everything to confuse the bots. And if I can’t confuse them, I will stop translating


  2. Rather than retranslate the previous chapters why not just continuing?,this will not making us confuse and wait too long for the chapter to follow.


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