Chapter 33 part 2 and 34 updated in the previous Chapter.

Chapter 35  – Fighting.

As I  was eating breakfast. Su Yan suddenly came in the room. When he saw me, he said happily: “Mu er, do I look good in this ?”

“Yup .” I nodded casually and felt a cold wave hit me from a certain direction.Then very casually, I added, “Not as good as my family’s Zhong Yuan .”

Zhong Yuan proudly raised his chin and looked at Su Yan provocatively.

I have seen narcissism,but never to such an extent. He was really too much>_<

Su Yan ignored Zhong Yuan. He walked over to me and leaned on the table to bring his face closer to mine. “Mu er, are you free this evening?”

Before I could speak, Zhong Yuan answered on my behalf . “She has an elective course this evening.”

I nodded as I took a small bite of bread. I was a good boy and I never skipped classes.At this moment , Xiaojie came in. Seeing her, Zhong Yuan shouted excitedly : “Director, let’s start work.”

So Xiaojie greeted everyone and started work. I thought  this was a little unbelievable. Ming Xiaojie was the director. Why would the director listen to the actors? Zhong Yuan was not a good person, but I did not expect that he would bully even the director. Too bad>_<

We all moved to a nearby meadow. In this scenario, Zhong Yuan and Su Yan don’t know each other. The first time they meet, they fight.

The sequence was discussed and the shooting started . Zhong Yuan and Su Yan stood on the side of the road and argued for a while . Then the  two people became more excited and suddenly grabbed each other. Zhong Yuan punched Su Yan’s face. As his fist connected, Su Yan quickly grabbed Zhong Yuan’s hand, pulled his arm and flipped it, trying to hold on to his wrist. When Zhong Yuan saw this, his body flipped, and he kicked Su Yan in the belly  to get him to release his grip. Su Yan let go of Zhong Yuan, stepped back, and looked at Zhong Yuan with a calm face.

I leaned over to Xiaojie and whispered, “ Who is the action director of the team? He is quite good. This is very realistic .”

Xiao Jie suddenly looked at the two people who, while fighting, had tumbled from the roadside to the grass, and shook her head and said, “There is no action director.”

I was shocked and looked at the gorgeous movements of the two people and said, “Don’t tell me!  Why do these two people look like martial arts masters ? If they move any faster, they can star in genuine action movies.”

Xiaojie shook her head incredulously. “I don’t know. I told them yesterday, just pretend whatever you can . Anyway, this is a romantic movie.

At this time, the two dedicated actors were already deeply involved in the fight. Zhong Yuan pressed Su Yan onto the grass and sat on his body. Then he punched him on his face. I could see the breath whoosh out of his body.At the same time, I saw that there was a red thing on Su Yan’s nose. Both of them were red-eyed, like beasts, and it was quite frightening to watch.

I patted Xiaojie’s shoulder and said, “Who is the props master? He is quite good. This is very realistic. Even the fake blood was ready.”

By this time, Xiaojie was a little panicked. “No… this wasn’t in the script. No fake blood was prepared…..”

I was stunned. This whole thing seemed  bizarre.

At this point, Xiao Jie regained her senses. She responded quickly and yelled: “This is not good! Hurry up and pull them apart . These two people are really fighting!”

Then the onlookers rushed over  and pulled the two men apart. The two men were still being ruled by violent emotions and struggled to free themselves. They were red-eyed and continued to try and  rush towards each other. Fortunately, the masses were more powerful and did not let the gangsters succeed.

Xiao Jie grabbed the back of my shirt and said, “Mu er, go!” Then she pushed me between the two.

I cursed Xiaojie while pulling up Zhong Yun from the ground. Then we ran. Zhong Yuan decided to respect my attempt . He did not struggle. I thought this was a good way of resolving things. Staying here and being part of the mass crusade was not helping matters. And if Zhong Yuan ran away, Su Yan would become the default winner.




9 thoughts on “if you don’t go to hell, who will Ch 34-35

  1. Lol, look at Blockhead Mu Er becoming the reason why two people fight over her. And one of them is a school idol too.
    I find it cute that ZY struggled against the others pulling him away but not when Mu Er pulled him away. But the last line, she wanted Su Yan to be the default winner? Lol I don’t understand.

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  2. This was soooo funny and as usual, Muer was her unbelievably her naive self. The fighting act scene looks so real??? – yes it is….. and there’s even blood too??? – yes it’s real…hahaha! Loved reading this update. Thank you so much!!!

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