Zhong Yuan and I sat in the small garden near the pharmacy. I gently swabbed the corner of his mouth with cotton and then applied the medicine. His mouth was bruised but there were no cuts. The rest of his face was intact.

Zhong Yuan breathed in sharply. I stopped what I was doing and asked him, “ What’s the matter?”

He shook his head slightly and muttered, “ Its okay.”

“ Just endure the pain for a little while” , I said as I resumed applying the medicine. When I thought about what had just transpired, I couldn’t help wondering out aloud, “ What really happened out there ?”

Zhong Yuan smirked. His action made his wound ache and he breathed in sharply. His eyebrows danced as he smiled and said, “ Wasn’t it realistic ?”


I rolled my eyes, “ Aren’t you overdoing this?”

“ It’s fine”, Zhong Yuan answered blithely. Then he pressed his lips together and asked me,” Why didn’t you pull off Su Yan?”

“ From what I saw, you were the one who started the fight.”

After being caught like this, Zhong Yuan stayed silent. When I applied the medicine, he softly spoke, “ Thank you.”

His sudden politeness made me a bit uncomfortable. I tried to brush it off lightly, “ You don’t need to thank me. Anyway, I used your card to buy the medicines.”

No one spoke. The autumn breeze had a touch of cold. I stared at the gold chrysanthemums as a strange emotion stirred in my heart. I was feeling strange.


The elective class at night was boring. I almost fell asleep as I sat listening to the teacher. I bowed my head on the table and started drawing endless circles in my notebook.  Zhong Yuan was by my side. As he bent over to see my notebook, he realised there were no notes. Instead the page was full of circles. He looked at me disdainfully.

I looked at the ceiling sadly and said, “ I’m bored.”

Zhong Yuan nodded. “ Let’s do something interesting. Let’s rehearse the script.”

I turned to look at him. “ We’re in a class! How can we rehearse?”

Zhong Yuan took out the script from his bag and flipped through it, “ The film has a lot of scenes in the classroom. Hey.. there is a scene where you fall asleep and I kiss you.”

A chill ran through me as I muttered, “ Lil second is really something !”

“ I think it’s not bad,” he said as he put the script on the table, “so should we rehearse ?”

I grabbed my hair and said helplessly, “ Sure. Anyway, we will have to do it sooner or later.”

Zhong Yuan nodded and asked me, “ So where should I kiss you ? On the lips or on your cheek?”

What ? I didn’t understand, “ Doesn’t the script say where you are supposed to kiss me?”

“ Nope.”

I despised Xiao Jie .” Kiss me on the cheek. I want to preserve my first kiss.”

Zhong Yuan smiled mischievously, “ You already had your first kiss.”

I suddenly remembered what Zhong Yuan had done to me during the summer vacation. I felt like killing him, “ That was wrong of you!”

Zhong Yuan ignored my annoyance and gently pressed my head to the desk.

“Let’s start.”

So I put a lid on my emotions and put my head on the desk and waited for Zhong Yuan to kiss me.

As I lay my head on the table, I suddenly felt nervous. My heart was beating so wildly I felt it would jump out of my body at any moment. The voices of the teacher and the students faded in the background. The only things I could hear were the sound of my breathing and the drumming of my heart. I tried to comfort myself. This is just a kiss…. I am dedicated to art…

I closed my eyes but I could feel Zhong Yuan approaching me. His breath hit my face. I felt my face heat up and my breathing turned uneven.

Zhong Yuan was very close to me. I could clearly feel his breathing, but he had not made a single move for sometime now. I kept my eyes tightly shut as my body stiffened, waiting for the imminent intrusion, but nothing happened. Finally, curiosity won over and I opened my eyes.

Zhong Yuan’s face was very close to mine. His eyes were half closed as he looked at me. His eyes were dark and bright, like black pearls in the night sky. His long eyelashes were like two small fans, framing his eyes. His eyebrows were relaxed, his face was soft and his eyes looked like two still pools in the late autumn.

He just stared at me, with no intention to act. I thought the atmosphere between the two of us was really strange. Just as I started to say something, I heard him whisper,”You are blushing.”

 My face became as hot as a furnace.

He bowed slightly and gently pressed a kiss on my cheek. I breathed in sharply as my heartbeat accelerated madly.

His lips were soft and cool, but my face was not cooled by the touch of his lips. On the contrary, my face turned warmer.

Zhong Yuan reached out and put a hand on my shoulder to shake me gently. “ What happened?”
I shrugged off the hand but refused to speak.

There was a mischievous smile in his voice, “ Are you feeling shy?”

That was an understatement. I was beyond embarrassed. I really wanted to hide under the table and never come out.

Zhong Yuan sighed dramatically and then in his typical narcissistic fashion asked me, “ Mu er, do you like me?”

Miumiu – this is a pretty short update but things are getting exciting !!!

15 thoughts on “IYDGTH – ch 35.2

  1. Our mu’er is finally showing some awareness of ZY and being all shy🤭☺️☺️.. Im loving it.. Su tan really bought them close..😁😁😁😜

    Gurrl preserving your first kiss.??? ZYs been eating your tofu for a long time😙😙😚😚.. Forget about first kiss. Maybe you can preserve your 10th kiss.. 😂😂

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    1. Yay,awareness leads to more exciting things!
      Can’t wait for Mu Er’s reaction to Zhong Yuan’s question.

      The ship is sailing and we are onboard!

      Thanks for the chapter!


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