Ok a rant. It takes a lot of effort to translate a novel in a language I don’t know. And I don’t get any money for this. Instead I get brickbats.

First , there are people pasting my translations in Wattpad without asking my permission . I mean , come on ! Then of course I have the wonderful aggregators , which in this case doesn’t even point to my website

Now a reviewer on NU says mtl is turd. I mean honestly , I would be overjoyed if people were reading novels in my language. I would not put them down. Anyway , I give up!!!! I increasingly feel I should just stop translating.seriously. I love the novel and I love the comments some of my readers make , but increasingly I feel it’s not worth the effort. Rant over..

Chapter 36 – I really like him

Zhong Yuan asked me: “Mu er, do you like me?”. I didn’t even have to think about it and immediately  blurted out, “ What nonsense! That would be like abusing myself!”

At that time, the teacher on the podium suddenly called out, “ The two students at the back , please pay attention to the class.”

I kept quiet.

As I walked back in the evening, my mind was whirring with the words Zhong Yuan had uttered, “Mu er, do you like me?”

No! Was it possible that I really liked him? That would be horrible!

He was already oppressing me day and night with his incessant demands. If I liked him, this would never be over. And if I liked him and he didn’t, would it not be terribly humiliating?

The most important point to note was that this guy had strange tastes. He had a lofty vision  was always looking down on me. That meant he would definitely not like me. So If I liked him, I was destined to the tolerate the bitterness of unrequited love. I went over y emotions the other day and concluded that it was natural for a girl to feel shy when a guy was kissing her . It did not , in anyway, indicate my fondness of him.

This thought finally calmed me down and I went to sleep


Recently, I had encountered a very troublesome thing. I had chosen tennis for this semester’s physical education class, and I soon realised what a big mistake this was. The main problem was that our Phy Ed teacher was a very serious person. She was planning to check our serves next week. Anyone who did not perform well would have their marks deducted. I was very worried about this matter. When I complained to Zhong Yuan , he patted my shoulder and calmly said,  “ I will teach you.”

I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to partner Zhong Yuan in sports and studies, and one of the sports he had selected was tennis. But then I had hidden in the self- study hall all day out of resentment and he had not been able to find me.  So I excitedly pulled his hand and smiled with all my charm, “ Zhong Yuan is so amazing!”

He looked at me trying to butter him up and smiled smugly, “ How will you repay me?”

Yikes! I knew this guy was up to something. Of course as a person who was very familiar with him , I had nothing to say, “ What do you want?”

He thought for a while and then waved his hand generously, “Forget it, just come with me to pick apples in the garden during the weekend.”

I couldn’t help but sigh. Zhong Yuan you are too devious! Then I scratched my head and asked him, “ Aren’t you going to be busy with the shooting?”

Zhong Yuan replied casually, “ Su Yan’s face is still swollen. It is impossible to shoot anything till it goes down.”

Aren’t you even a little bit embarrassed, Zhong Yuan?


Zhong Yuan wore a white sportswear with light green wrist bands on the wrists and he looked like a hero. When he arrived on the tennis court, all the females in the surrounding areas turned their attention to him. It seemed that the girls in this year were members of the ‘Looks are all’ club. Actually, I was too.

But Zhong Yuan was not perturbed with all the attention and felt no pressure at all. He calmly held the racket and slowly swung it in the air. Then he started explaining, “ Your body should be at a forty five degree angle. Pay attention to your balance. Stretch your arms to the front. The racket and the body needs to be at the same angle. Then swing the racket. Pay attention to the mesh surface when you swing. Keep moving forward. Use your whole arm instead of just the wrist movement to swing, otherwise you will injure yourself. Don’t stop in the middle of the swing…use the inertia of motion of the racket.. ok.. now you try.”

Zhong Yuan and the physical education teacher spoke at the same time. I understood a bit, but not all of it. At this point, I was strangely nervous. I grabbed the racket  and held it but realised I didn’t even know how to hold the racket properly.

Zhong Yuan shook his head, “ I really admire you. After such a long class, you don’t even know how to hold the racket?”

I was dismayed. I changed my posture and held the racket, but my grip was awkward.

Zhong Yuan sighed. He dropped his own racket, then came forward and put his fingers over mine to correct the grip. As he adjusted my grip, he whispered, “ Why is your hand so small?”

I looked at his slender fingers over mine. I could feel my heart jumping in my chest and my breathing become uneven. Zhong Yuan did not seem to realise my strangeness. He helped me correct my grip, then lifted his hand and knocked on my head. He smiled and said, “ Why are you so lost?”

“ No, nothing” I shook my head shyly, I stepped back a few steps and started swinging the racket for practice.

Zhong Yuan stood in the same position and looked at me. When I was no longer moving my hand he asked me,  “ What happened?”

I pulled my hand and panted. “I am tired.”

Zhong Yuan was clearly gloating, “Didn’t I tell you to follow what I am doing?”

I cried and replied, “ I can’t learn. I thought I understood what you said, but when I try to do it, its difficult.”

Zhong Yuan came over. He grabbed my hand and held the racket. Then suddenly, he pulled me in his arms!

What kind of situation is this ?

The girls around screamed at this sudden move. I looked up at Zhong Yuan in panic, but this time, he didn’t look at me. I could just see his chin from my vantage point. I was so nervous that my legs were soft. I gulped, ‘ You…”

His voice was cold but clear, “ I am helping you correct your swing. Any problem ?”

My mind at this moment was completely blank. I mechanically replied, “ No, no problem.”

He put his hand over mine holding the racket. His other hand was on my shoulder. He took my hand and rotated it backwards. I couldn’t help but take a step back. Immediately, he complimented me, “ That’s it!”

Then he brought my arm forward. “ This arm doesn’t need to be straight. Just keep it at a certain angle so that you can manoeuvre it. You’re doing great Mu er!”

What was I doing? It was obviously you doing all this from start to finish!

As he swung my arm forward, the movement was smooth. Then he looked down at me and asked, “ Now have you learnt it?”

I didn’t know what to say. Zhong Yuan’s breath was on my neck. Suddenly, I felt a twitch in my neck. I felt a bit hot and uncomfortable. But he kept his position and did not move. I was feeling strange. I looked up at him. His eyes were focussed on me, as if they could penetrate all my thoughts. The heat in it seemed like it would melt anything in its way. I didn’t dare to look directly at him anymore and lowered my eyes.

“ Mu er”, Zhong Yuan murmured, “ You aren’t paying attention.”

I kept my gaze lowered as I didn’t know how to answer this question.

“ You really don’t like me?”

I kept quiet.

“ If that is true, I wont mind”, he whispered softly.

There was a strange sensation rising in my heart.

“ Please, there must be some limit to your ego”

Once I finished saying this, I struggled away from his grasp and turned away, racket in hand.

Zhong Yuan blocked me from the front and I almost hit his chest. He looked at me, “ Are you angry?”

I lowered my eyes, “ Do I dare be angry at you?”

“ You look as if I bullied you.”

I was upset, “ Of course you bully me.”

Zhong Yuan patted my shoulder, “ It’s alright. I was just joking.”

I kept my head lowered with a sullen, “ Doesn’t matter.”

I didn’t know why I suddenly got angry, and I didn’t understand why there was a sense of loss in my heart after Zhong Yuan explained that he was just kidding.

24 thoughts on “If you dont go to hell, who will ? – Ch 36.1

      1. Miumiu.. i just saw your comment about someone still posted your translation on wattpad.. demmit jsgdhdjegehdggf do you want me to go and curse them?!!! im ready to fight for you 💪🏻 Dont worry miumiu.. you have my back.. and about novelupdates.. i have learned my lesson there.. do not always believe about their review and rating😌 happens to me for few novels because when i read the novels, I actually love them and some of it also become my favourite 😂 now, i just only checked NU when i need to know about the synopsis..

        Thanks miumiu for your translation 😘

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  1. Aww,Miumiu,please don’t drop this novel translation.
    Your faithful readers/followers like me will be really heartbroken if you do.
    But if you do decide to drop this,I guess we will have to understand.

    Still,thank you for your update!
    I always check your site daily.

    More power to you!


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  2. Cant wait for Mu’er to finally realize or accept her feelings for ZY.

    I understand what you are feeling Miumiu. There’s no hope for the aggregator coz they are that greedy. I just hope that people just read from your site and support translators in general. I appreciate your hard work and thank you so much.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Translator
    Please don’t stop your good work. I’ve read many of your translation works and they are fab. I understand how demotivating it is, given the thieves and bad feedback, big hugs to you
    Thanks for helping us, non native language reader, to enjoy such stories


  4. I think you should stop reading the comments in NU, just like I did. If you translate the novel because you love it & want to share it to those nice readers. I don’t care what the comments that they put in NU because I translate the novels that I like & not the ones that they want so I don’t care what they say about my translated novels. They can take it or leave it! Lol… If people like the novels that you translate, they’ll still read it regardless of the comments or rating in NU. 😍

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  5. MiuMiu, I thank you very much for your effort to bring us this beautiful story … unfortunately there are ungrateful people, but we are the ones who appreciate what you do … Fighting ❤

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  6. Miumiu, don’t be disheartened because you have many readers who love your translations. Thank you for gifting us who otherwise will not be able to enjoy this very entertaining novel with your smooth and very nice translation style. I’m one of your followers. Also, I like the novels you choose to translate. Keep up your spirit.

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  7. Sigh.. people just can’t appreciate what they should.
    I hope you can get through this, there really are just many people like that, they really just have those twisted thinking of theirs.

    Miumiu, don’t take those people’s bad review/comments etc. too hard, they really don’t have much worth and are just like flies, some are bigger and more annoying though.
    Thank you for sharing with us as always.!

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  8. Miumiu, thank you for translating this novel to English. I hope you don’t take the comments from NU to your hearts, some people tend to be ungrateful and picky, sometimes its about taste, and our taste is different from them. I love your translation. Fighting! I’ll always be your reader!

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